You’re a Christmas champion if you can solve the festive brain teaser – can you spot the hidden object in under 10 secs?

ONLY the Christmas champion will be able to solve this Christmas puzzle.

All you have to do is detect the hidden object in the image in less than ten seconds.


Can you find the hidden object in less than ten seconds?

The Christmas puzzle features a variety of festive objects including gingerbread, stars, and candy canes.

But somewhere among the cheerful decorations, there is a hidden sock. Can you find it?

The intricate painting created by blinds retailer BlindsbyPost ahead of the holidays should challenge you and test your skills.

If it’s hard to see, focus on the center near the bottom of the image.

If you look closely, you’ll be able to see a red and white striped sock hidden behind the gingerbread.

Meanwhile, spies at a government listening station have launched their annual Christmas riddle, and it’s for teams of schoolchildren to help find the next Alan Turing.

The range of “devil” Christmas puzzles covers languages, engineering, code-breaking, analytics, math, coding and cyber security – all key skills for the ghosts of GCHQ.

Another tricky brain teaser challenges you to find all six caterpillars in less than 25 seconds.

Although this viral riddle asks if you can move a matchstick to add the correct amount, you only have 14 seconds to do so.

The sock was hidden behind the gingerbread.


The stocking was hidden behind the gingerbread Credits: Unknown, clearly with the table in the image

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