You’re smarter than most if you can find the bear’s bowtie in under 20 seconds

AN artist has posted a mind-bending exercise for the eyes, which would take a pro to solve in under 20 seconds.

The optical illusion entails finding a bear’s bowtie in a sea of ​​similarly-shaped designs.


Gergely Dudás shared a seek-and-find puzzle on his website, which was later posted on TwitterCredit: Blogspot

Blogspot user Gergely Dudás shared the puzzle on the social media platform, later re-sharing it to Twitter.

“Can you help Bear find his bowtie?” the caption read.

A cartoon bear, named Bear, could be seen at the corner of the image, with a plethora of bowtie-like shapes.

Some shapes included various types of colorful flowers, with Bear looking on curiously.

Several people who took the optical challenge shared their thoughts on the Tweet thread.

“Found in four minutes and 39 seconds,” one wrote.

“Thank you for sharing this on Digg,” another chimed in. “I love your work.”

A third simply posted a check mark emoji, signaling they’d found it.

For those still having trouble locating the bowtie, Gergely linked the solution to Blogspot.

On the right side of the puzzle, closer to the bottom, a red bowtie is visible among the flowers.

Gergely produces seek-and-find cartoons that are often created with children in mind, but find a lot of adults getting in on the challenge.

In another illustration, he challenged players to find the only three pandas not wearing sunglasses.

Yet another had a single cat disguised among a sea of ​​owls.

For those having trouble solving the puzzle, Bear's bowtie could be found on the bottom right of the photo


For those having trouble solving the puzzle, Bear’s bowtie could be found on the bottom right of the photoCredit: Blogspot

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