You’ve got eagle eyes if you can spot the sneaky cat hiding in plain sight in the pharmacy

You DO have amazing eyesight if you can spot a sneaky cat hiding in plain sight in a drug store.

A cheeky cat has decided to hide among bottles of vitamins, creams and baby diapers, but can you see her?


Can you see the cat hiding in the pharmacy? Credit: reddit

The intricate puzzle shows the interior of a pharmacy full of products for sale.

Numerous shelves are lined with neatly stacked bottles of shampoo, soap, face cream, and deodorant.

But somewhere among the colorful packages, there is a hidden cat.

A Reddit user posted an optical illusion challenging others to find the hidden animal.

In the description they said: “Let’s play… Find the cat in the pharmacy!”.

If you still can’t see the camouflaged kitty, focus on the left side of the image, on the third shelf from the bottom.

Another cat has hidden in the messy kitchen counter, can you find it?

TikTok user Lou, known to her followers as AngelsMama16, shared a photo of her kitchen where the cat found an interesting place to rest.

This optical illusion challenges you to find a cat hidden among skyscrapers.

The black and white image shows rows of black and white skyscrapers of various shapes and sizes.

And the animals hide in these four optical illusions. You can see them?

The cat was hiding behind the bottles.


The cat was hiding behind the bottles Credit: Reddit

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