10 Best Kid-Led Movies To Watch If You Like The Goonies

The Goonies Released in 1985, it is a fun family-friendly film about a group of children dealing with overwhelming difficulties. There are bad guys chasing them and burying treasure, all in a coming-of-age story that still resonates years later. This has led to so many imitators and very few imitators.

Many movies about childhood friends are plagiarized and plagiarized The Goonies, many of them are replicating its charm and fun. Many use supernatural powers, while others rely on the humor and chemistry of the talented cast. What makes these kids-led movies the best, though, is that they allow fans to live vicariously through the eyes of daring young adventurers.

Monster Squad (1987) – available on Prime Video

two years later The Goonies After its release, Fred Dekker released the kid-driven monster movie, monster squad. This movie is very similar The Goonies, as it follows a group of childhood friends who go through inexplicable situations and do their best to cope. In this case, children encounter classic monsters from Universal, including Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, werewolves, etc. werewolf got nader The lasting impact of this classic film is revealed.

Stand By Me (1986) – available on Netflix

The Stand by Me kids are looking for dead bodies.

help me Take the concept of friendship and go further into the dramatic changes of adolescence rather than the comedic aspects of adolescence. The Goonies. It also has The Goonies The star, Corey Feldman. One of Stephen King’s many great adaptations of the ’80s, help me Follow four friends in search of a body they heard was in the woods. Along the way, they all face their own death, and no one comes back the same way.

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Super 8 (2011) – available on Paramount+

The Super 8 kids were filming the train crash scene.

Directed by Richard Donner The Goonies, but Steven Spielberg wrote the screenplay, and the film is full of his punches, especially when it comes to child characters. In 2011, JJ Abrams took the helm super 8, although Spielberg only made that movie, it exists in a Spielbergian world. The film tells the story of an alien who escapes from a containment train, and a group of children who film it all before fleeing when the aliens notice them. super 8 was a huge box office success, although the kids didn’t have as many The Goonies throw.

Now And Then (1995) – available on Tubi

The Now And Then girls are smiling.

Released in 1995, sometimes Possibly the best kid-led movie The Goonies The fans wanted a full female cast. The film alternates between today, when the girls reunite as they prepare to give birth, and the summer they spend together in 1970.

The children’s cast includes Gaby Hoffman, Christina Ricci, Ashley Aston Moore and Thora Birch. As children, the four girls believed that they had brought a boy back from the dead during a séance and began to correct the mistake.

The Sandlot (1993) – available on Hulu

The Sandlot kids are ready to play baseball.

EQUAL The Goonies, sand Shows a group of disenfranchised children trying to figure out their place in the world. In this movie, they bond over a baseball game. The film’s setting takes place in the summer of 1962; The kids are playing on an old sand court, they have to get a baseball hit the target and there’s a vicious dog living in the backyard. Along the way, they develop friendships, find confidence, and learn about what it feels like to belong in their world. The film celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018 and is still playing in soccer fields around the country.

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Hook (1991) – available on Netflix

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys in Hook.

The Goonies Directed by Steven Spielberg hook In 1991, a movie based on the classic frying pan story. Robin Williams plays Pen, who has grown up and forgotten about Neverland. However, when Captain Hook kidnaps his children, he sets out to save them and restore their memories. Arguably Steven Spielberg’s most underrated film, hookThe best part is the description of the lost boys, a group of rebellious children that fit very well The GooniesAdventurers are ready to stop the pirates at all costs.

Harry Potter Series – Available on HBO Max

Harry Potter seems worried about Ron and Hermione.

this Harry Potter The franchise has done some amazing things with both novels and film adaptations. It has gone from a magical movie franchise for kids to a dark fantasy plot for young adults. Along the way, movie actors have grown up in front of fans.

The Goonies Screenwriter Chris Columbus directed the first two films Harry Potter This fantasy franchise exists entirely thanks to the kid-oriented movies of the ’80s. It stars 12-year-old Daniel Radcliffe, 13-year-old Rupert Grint and 11-year-old Emma Watson as they explore magic and witchcraft at Hogwarts .

Lost Boys (1987) – available on HBO Max

The Frogs are ready to hunt vampires in Lost Boys.

vampire movie lost boy pits a group of children against a group of vampires, who live in the bodies of teenagers. Corey Haim plays Sam, a boy who moves to a new town only to learn that a local vampire has turned into his brother. Sam recruits young Frog Brothers, a The GooniesCorey Feldman and Jamison Newland help him defeat vampires once and for all. While the action is more supernatural, the kids’ fight for survival has a direct connection to Feldman’s previous film.

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It (2017) – available on HBO Max

The Losers' Club searches for Pennywise in the sewers.

Steven Spielberg is the master of children’s movies of the 80s The GooniesStephen King himself put children in dire situations in the same time frame. Stephen King wrote one of his most famous novels in 1986 ItFlipping between past and present, the book depicts a group of children battling the evil Pennywise and returning as adults to defeat the evil. In 2017, a film about children’s stories about kids whose adventures explore tunnels and waterways is more than just an homage to films like The Goonies.

Kids helping ET escape in ET The Extraterrestrial

Steven Spielberg has mastered the children’s movies of the ’80s for The Goonies While working as a film producer. It can be said that his masterpiece in this genre was released in 1982 alien aliens. This sci-fi movie is about a peaceful alien stranded on Earth and the boy who meets and protects him. Young Elliott and his friends must stop government forces from capturing peaceful aliens until ET can call home and send a message to his spaceship to rescue him from an alien planet. dangerous crystals.

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