God Of War Ragnarök: 10 Best Relics, Ranked

god of war ragnarok Combat demands the best from the player, and one way to do that is to know the best relics to use. Relics provide Kratos with abilities to use in battle, providing the perfect way to use it to his advantage or turn the tide when Kratos needs it most. Every relic brings something, but some god of war ragnarok Relic that players should prioritize if they want to optimize their gameplay.

Relics have a long cooldown, but the utility of their various effects makes their use well worth it. These are powerful abilities used in tandem with the best rune attacks god of war ragnarokHelp quickly overwhelm any boss Kratos faces. Whether players just want to beat the game or are looking to optimize their load for tough challenges, learn about the best god of war ragnarok Relics will give players the edge they need.

10 Calls of Motsognir

Motsognir’s Call allows Kratos to create a shockwave that stuns nearby enemies. This is a good strategy against large groups of enemies trying to overwhelm the player, and activating it will give Kratos the time needed to deal brutal damage to them.

Kratos faces all sorts of tough bosses in the game, and even the shortest time to deal extra damage is worth it. This relic can be found at god of war ragnarok After the game Niflheim when the new path opens.

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9 Riddir’s hilt

The menu describes the Hilt of Ridill, a relic from God of War Ragnarok, which will

Ridill’s hilt is very similar to Motsognir’s call, but instead of generating a shockwave that stuns, Ridill’s hilt releases shockwaves that electrify enemies. This can be used as Motsognir’s Call and is more effective against large groups of enemies.

To be able to craft this relic, the player must first obtain the Crack of Bilsrinir. This unique item can be obtained in one of the best side quests god of war ragnarokFavored by animal instincts.

8 Handles Angravadall

Kratos begins the quest Desert Gate in God of War Ragnarok.

Angravadall’s hilt sends Kratos into a combo where he attacks forward in three waves, dealing additional damage to enemies hit by Sonic. This is the perfect relic to use alongside fellow character Freya (or Atreus), as she fires multiple Sonic arrows at multiple targets.

This is a great way to maximize Kratos’ overall damage with teammates’ support. This relic can be obtained in Bounty of the Desert Gate, it is one of the best rewards from side quests god of war ragnarok.

Hofud .’s Hilt

Kratos and Heimdall fight for Draupnir's spear in Ragnarok

If the player uses Hofud’s hilt, they must also equip the Symbol of the Nine Realms, one of the best enchantments in the game. god of war ragnarok. Emblem of the Nine Realms increases all Kratos melee damage during Kingdom Transformation. .

While these are rare events, Hofud’s Hilt makes up for it by allowing Kratos to perform his own kingdom transformation using the relic. Thankfully, the player will receive this relic along with the Symbol of the Nine Realms after defeating the boss Heimdall.

handle 6 grams

Kratos returns his ax to Alfheim in Ragnarok.

Gramm’s Handle is a great relic for players who need some rage, no matter what specific rage type they’re using. In addition to increasing Kratos’ rage, the relic also stuns nearby enemies.

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Although it doesn’t have the same range as Motsognir’s Call, it would be better to have two effects instead of one. However, players should wait to unleash their rage form until the effect of stunning enemies wears off. Relics can be found by completing Alfheim puzzles.

Dodd’s 5 Blades

Menu description for Glaive of Dodher, a relic in Ragnarok that allows Kratos

Deal damage to Bifrost god of war ragnarok It always feels great on the player side. Usually, Kratos is trying to break out of his rainbow tree, so turning the tide is a particularly satisfying feeling.

With Dødher Warglaive, Kratos can throw Bifrost’s Wheel of Fire and attack his enemies with Bifrost, one of the best god of war ragnarok Attack Relic. This is a great way to take down enemies at a faster rate. This relic can be obtained by killing Boss Fisk during the Reckoning quest.

4 Forsbrandr’s Handles

Menu description for Forsbrandr's hilt, a relic from Ragnarok can

Forsbrandr’s hilt is an incredible relic that can repel enemies around Kratos, then grant him an aura of protection. The player can then slide forward, dealing as much damage as possible without worrying about any damage being done to them by the surrounding aura.

While this is a great relic, it can only be obtained during side quests that players often overlook. Apocalypse Ragnarok Because it’s so boring. The player must find all the locations of Odin’s crows, then fight and destroy the Raven Guardians on their own.

3 handles Hrotti

Kratos fights the Oathguard Valli.  The boss travels in Ragnarok.

Hrotti’s knife handle is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful monuments in the world god of war ragnarok Sustainable Development. Relics mark nearby enemies and hit those enemies with an arc that will reduce the cooldown of any weapon Kratos is equipped with.

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Additionally, killing a marked enemy grants Kratos a Runic Blessing, which increases all damage Kratos deals to runic attacks. This hilt can be obtained by killing three sworn guard bosses in Vanaheim.

2 axles Skofnung

Kratos wields Skofnung's sword hilt during the Surter Trials in Ragnarok.

This relic is obtained by killing one of the hardest Berserker bosses god of war ragnarok, King Hrolf Kraki. It allows Kratos to harness the power of the Berserkers he kills, drawing their souls from the scabbard.

These soul swords can not only damage all enemies around Kratos, but also act as a defense mechanism to temporarily stay away from opponents. This is one of the hardest relic to get, but definitely worth using.

1 Huldra item #9

The menu description for Project Huldra #9 is a relic in ragnarok, the god of war, possibly

Project Huldra #9 might be the weirdest relic in the game, but it’s also the best. Kratos can use Mimir against this relic by shooting large rainbow explosions from his eyes.

This is more effective than Blade of Dodher and is essential for players who focus on inflicting Bifrost on enemies to overwhelm them faster. god of war ragnarokOnce Kratos can start using the relic, it can be forged in the shop.

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