10 Bounty Hunter Movies To Watch If You’re Loving The Mandalorian

by Disney Palestinians With tons of critical acclaim since its release, waiting for new episodes every week can be exhausting for fans. Star Wars universe, the show tells the story of a famous bounty hunter who makes it his mission to protect and take care of his precious bounty rather than handing it over. “That” is the super cute “Baby Yoda” that fans love.

Bounty hunters have always been portrayed as cold and mysterious characters with dark pasts, so in honor of these beloved characters, here are 10 different types of bounty hunter movies that can be. added to your favorite new series Watch between episodes.

About Benjamin (2002)

Ice Cube plays a bounty hunter who is forced to work on his bounty after getting caught up in a botched diamond heist, played by the humorous Mike Epps. With $20 million worth of diamonds at stake, this eccentric couple embarks on a dangerous adventure to reclaim their fortune.

This movie might have been overlooked by you as it didn’t get much of a positive response when it was released in 2002, when Ice Cube was at its peak of success following its breakout role in the 1995 comedy classic. , Friday – A movie that took his acting career to the next level.Check About the Benjamin family When you are in the mood for light entertainment.

The Reddick Chronicles (2004)

After the horror/science fiction success of the 2000s black as inkVin Diesel returns to star and produce a maligned sequel, The Riddick Chronicles. Years after the event black as ink, Riddick (Diesel) is on the run, hunted by countless bounty hunters. He finds himself on a planet where a war is raging between two violent factions, and he is naturally drawn to it all.

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The Riddick Chronicles oscillation from voice black as ink Settings, from visceral horror/sci-fi to full-blown action-adventure. That’s probably what most reviewers don’t like, but it does have some worthy qualities, as it has great action sequences and world building. Also, who doesn’t love a good (or bad) action movie by Vin Diesel?

Dominoes (2005)

Keira Knightley plays Domino Harvey – an English fashion model who gave up the glamorous life on the catwalk to go to Los Angeles to work as a bounty hunter. She finds herself in danger when a large amount of money she and her team are after is stolen and the Mafia gets their hands on it.

This gritty action/crime drama is never afraid to highlight the dark side of the bounty hunting world – the risks are high and the consequences deadly. The always humorous Mickey Rourke and Edgar Ramirez co-star in this delightful film by the late Tony Scott.

2003 summary)

Dwayne Johnson points at Sean William Scott in Welcome to the Jungle

The leading role in Dwayne’s second feature film ‘The Rock’ Johnson is dilapidated With comedian Sean William Scott. Johnson plays Baker, an aspiring chef/bounty hunter tasked with bringing home his boss’s son Travis (William Scott) after an adventurous vacation in the Amazon.

The mission proves to be a dangerous one when it is discovered that Travis knows the location of a secret treasure that the dictator of the local town (Christopher Walken) and his henchmen are hunting. Filled with witty humor and hilarious action sequences, the film set the stage for Johnson’s takeover of Hollywood in later years.

Midnight Run (1988)

Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin in The Midnight Run

Robert De Niro is a bounty hunter for a errant former Mafia accountant (Charles Grodin). As simple as it sounds, it’s just the Mafia, the FBI and a bounty hunter chasing the same guy.

midnight trip is one of those ’80s gems you might have forgotten about, so there’s never been a better time to revisit this brilliant action-crime-comedy. An enduring couple, De Niro and Grodin connect naturally, developing a trusting yet eccentric friendship throughout their on-screen journey.

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Django Unchained (2012)

Quentin Tarantino’s seventh film, and one of his most controversial (due to its heavy subject matter), stars Christoph Waltz as the German Bounty Hunter who helps a slave Freelance (Jamie Foxx) rescues his wife from a violent plantation owner. Waltz’s bounty hunter is a rare type as he is delicate and skillful, really trying to do good while still getting the job done.

Django Unchained With an all-star cast (the equivalent of any Tarantino movie), all delivered some of the best performances of their careers. While the film is brutal at times and offers a lot of shocking value, at its core is a heartfelt story, one of the more stylized and original on this list.

Demi-Human Swordsman 2049 (2017)

Ridley Scott directed Harrison Ford in the 1982 sci-fi classic, blade runnerthirty-five years later, we finally have a 2017 sequel runner 2049This time, general director Denis Villeneuve replaced Scott as director, new actor Ryan Gosling joined. Gosling plays a bounty hunter (known in this universe as “Blade Runner”) whose mission is to hunt down criminals known as “replicators” — biologically altered creatures. almost human, only healthier, Smarter and stronger.

A new mystery begins to unravel, and Gosling’s character K is forced to search for answers to Harrison Ford’s Deckard, who has been missing for three decades. runner 2049 The most visually impressive film on this list to date, packed with sci-fi and gripping elements, it’s a must-see for all fans of the genre.

Bringing Up Arizona (1987)

Just before Nicolas Cage’s huge success in the ’90s, he starred in an early Coen Brothers film called Take it to ArizonaCage plays a former criminal who marries a former cop after discovering they are infertile. Out of desperation, their decision to steal a child from a furniture tycoon sends them on a comical run as they try to keep their crimes a secret while all sorts of characters, including both a ferocious bounty hunter A stakeholder is watching them.

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Anyone familiar with the work of the Coen Brothers will know what they’re here for – a quirky, unconventional crime-comedy that will keep you guessing. For those just starting out, this is a great place to start.

Jonah Hex (2010)

Josh Brolin played bounty hunter Jonah Hex in the 2010 DC Comics adaptation of the character of the same name, which was often criticized by critics. However, this is not a film to please the critics, it offers a lot of entertainment value. Set in the context of the United States of America, Jonah Hex is a revenge story that sees our disfigured bounty hunter take revenge on those who killed his family.

Armed with some supernatural abilities and bloodthirsty, Hex won’t stop there to fulfill his mission. The movie has a great supporting cast, including Michael Fassbender, John Malkovich, Will Arnett and Megan Fox, and the low expectations are sure to make this an enjoyable video series.

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Boba Fett tries to shoot his grappling hook

This list would not be complete without including the most famous (and most entertaining) bounty hunter movie – Boba Fett. one of the most iconic characters in the movie Star Wars Cosmos and his band were the inspiration behind the hit series, Palestinians.

Boba Fett exudes a chill and is the owner of one of the scarier-looking spaceships Star Warsso it’s no wonder he’s so beloved by his fans. He was also in Return of the Jedi in 1983 and 2002 Attack of the clones (as a boy), but that’s The Empire Strikes Back His presence resonated the most.

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