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Novels about love always give us different strong emotions. So when participating in My Fantasy: Choose Your Story, do you want that to come true? Be at the center of the situation with your new life. Meet hot girls and date them. Enjoy the unpredictable future you create yourself. Surprises are always waiting for those who dare to think.

Romance novels are fascinating, but they have become all too commonplace for us. To change this situation, interactive storytelling games were born. My Fantasy: Choose your story in incredibly creative ways to build it. Various stories for you to explore freely. More specifically, there aren’t any rules that deter players in some way. Just be free and enjoy what you love.

Download My Fantasy: Choose Your Story Mod – Immerse yourself in a life full of love

When the role of TV star shines, so do you. Let’s start playing My Fantasy: Choose Your Story and choose your story. After selecting it, you will start developing its different scenarios. Here you will play the main character and everything will take place around you. When the dialog box appears, additional options appear on the screen. You can choose the line that you think is the most suitable. The characters around you will then react based on this answer and create further developments. Let’s see how you will shine in this movie.

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charming character

One of the cool things about My Fantasy: Choose Your Story is character creation. Whether you’re male or female, you’ll feel right for the situation created in the story. From expressions to gestures are very detailed, players can understand. It is possible to shape how they behave to determine what they do next. These people also have their own glamorous style. For better or worse, it would be the perfect image anyone could think of. Even your character will be no different from handsome or pretty actors on TV.

vivid story

The plot plays an important role for players when participating in My Fantasy: Choose Your Story. Hundreds of different genres will be created for you to choose from. Stories range from wealthy family and social connections to ordinary life. Choose “Million Dollar Bachelor” If you want to be a TV star, choose “Million Dollar Bachelor”. If you like to be an office worker, “Work for pleasure” will be more suitable. Each story has color categories and thousands of possible scenarios. It can put you in an awkward situation or bring a surprise.

My Fantasy Choose your story mod apk

choose your appearance

Want a broker that suits your style? This can be done quickly. Players can completely choose whether they are male or female before participating in the story. Next, you can change into many fantasy styles. There will be a lot of trendy and personality costumes that can be freely changed for the character at any time. Once the makeover is complete, you are free to admire your perfect look. The characters will join the story along with the things you build for yourself. Please make a difference.

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make an ending

Usually, a story will be built by the author, with an unchanging ending. But with My Fantasy: Choose Your Story, it’s a completely different story. The main characters will determine the conclusion through their actions. Specifically, the dialogue you choose will take the story in new directions. Some endings are so unexpected that you can barely predict them. It can be neither bad nor good, or even an inexplicably open ending. Play and feel to find the most accurate direction for you. You will write your own life story without interruption.

If you are passionate about romance novels and want to make them come true, choose the mod My Fantasy: Choose Your Story. Fall in love with seducers and build complex melodies on your own.

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