10 Cutest RDJ & Chris Evans Twitter Interactions That Show They’ll Be Friends For Life

In the Marvel Universe, Captain America and Iron Man have had some ups and downs in their relationship. Eventually, the two bonded and worked together again as friends and teammates. Avengers: Endgame. While the relationship between Steve and Tony can be complicated in both the comics and the MCU, the friendship between actors Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans has always been strong.

In addition to filming these movies, the two are friends and frequently interact on Twitter. Fans have loved these little interactions for years. So we’ve rounded up some of their best Twitter moments that show their friendship is real.

RDJ and his Disney memes

Robert Downey Jr. is known as the King of Social Media. He often posts memes and jokes related to the MCU and his co-stars. He especially enjoys posting memes related to Steve and Tony. For a while, RDJ posted some fan-made images comparing Steve and Tony to characters from classic Disney animated films.

This example shows Chris as Prince Charming and RDJ as Snow White. These memes are cute and funny and show that RDJ is very supportive of whoever brought these two characters together.

Chris Evans wishes RDJ a happy birthday

The two actors have also previously tweeted happy birthdays to each other, and this is just one of the best examples. On RDJ’s birthday this year, Chris Evans wished him a happy birthday and also said that no one can compare with him.

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It’s obvious that Evans thinks highly of RDJ and this tweet makes his admiration for him very obvious, especially those exclamation points! It’s really cute how they support and help each other like friends.


This is another example of RDJ really getting into the Tony and Steve meme. The image shows Tony and Steve, characters from Bambi, matching “right down to their eye color.”

This photo does look a lot like Steve and Tony, and many fans loved the photo RDJ posted. RDJ often shows support and coolness on social media for his character Tony Stark’s many different ships, and Steve/Tony fans absolutely love this meme.

Chris continues to support RDJ

One thing that many people agree on is that Robert Downey Jr. basically acts like the real-life Tony Stark. Their personalities seem very similar, and they both have a lot of money and try to do good with it.

RDJ recently announced that he plans to use his time and money to help combat climate change and environmental issues. Evans supported the move on Twitter. While he only said one word in the tweet, it’s clear he supports his friend’s attempts to change the world. RDJ also supports Chris. After all, he did give him a car.

RDJ helps Chris learn technology

One of the interesting things about these two is that they are similar to their characters in some ways. When Evans complained about modern technology online, many people noted that it seemed like something Steve Rogers would say.

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RDJ seems to agree. He responded to Evans’ tweet by saying that he and “Science Brother” Mark Ruffalo could teach him how to use technology. This is definitely something Tony would do to help Steve, so fans are loving the crossover.

Stone is real

This may be an older tweet, but it’s definitely a cute one. In this tweet, RDJ posted what he and Evans are looking forward to. While he didn’t really explain it, it looked like a pregnancy announcement between the two.

Steve/Tony Ship fans were once again very happy with this tweet, and it’s another example of how easy and supportive RDJ is to his fans. He also absolutely loves Steve and Tony (and Chris!).

RDJ likes shade

As many have pointed out, Robert Downey Jr. is becoming more and more like Tony Stark. So while Tony Stark may be leaving the Marvel Universe for the time being, RDJ is keeping the legacy alive.

One way he resembles Tony is his acerbic sense of humor. When Chris Evans grew a mustache for his role in Broadway’s Lobby, the internet lost it. RDJ combined this internet joke with a Thanos snap meme when he posted this hilarious picture.

friendship is real

RDJ and Chris Evans are more than just friends. The cast of “The Avengers,” especially the original six, all seem to be good friends. They frequently post photos and videos from the set, and RDJ is one of their most active social media participants.

He posted this from Avengers: Endgame Evans, Downey, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner are all together. It’s always heartwarming to see that these people are all friends, just like their characters in the movie. The Avengers.

You can stand under my umbrella

In the comics, and sometimes in the Marvel Universe, Steve and Tony often have each other’s backs, even when they eventually disagree. Amid the adorable exchange, RDJ posted fan art showing Captain America using his shield to protect Tony from enemy fire.

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RDJ mentioned that the two characters were best friends and looked out for each other, and Evans responded in kind. Looks like they get along just as well as Steve and Tony, if not better!

RDJ Meet the real Chris

RDJ’s Twitter is another example of meme heaven, as he posted a fan-made meme comparing Steve Rogers to Chris Evans. The two shots look identical, save for Steve’s serious grimace and Chris’ bright, sunny smile.

RDJ says this is a completely accurate representation of both. Apparently, RDJ knows Chris Evans very well and they will likely be friends forever.

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