Harry Potter: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Dobby As A Character

this Where are the wonderful beasts The film gave audiences a glimpse into the wizarding world outside the UK, with a particular focus on wizarding society in the United States. Although this shows some differences, there are also significant similarities, such as the presence of magical servants known as house-elves.

Of course, seeing all these house-elves serving the wizarding government reminds me of one of the most famous elves in the wizarding world. Harry Potter series.Dobby, featured on secret room A nuisance slowly becomes his all-time favorite as he helps Harry out of some trouble with his sweet and lovable personality. This cements his regular presence in the hearts of fans, as well as some hilarious (or heartbreaking) memes.

Dobby should have seen it coming

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Of course, Dobby just wanted to help Harry Potter. He has dedicated his life to serving a family of Dark wizards, and after hearing what Harry has done, Dobby has become his number one fan. Unfortunately for Harry, Dobby’s way of helping often causes more problems than it helps.

Naturally, these actions, such as disturbing the Ministry and his aunt and uncle, not letting him go to school, and placing a rogue Bludger behind his back, made Harry a little insecure about goblins, which strangely, Dobby doesn’t seem to understand.

dobby is here

A meme shows a broken chandelier in a mall with the words "Dobby is here". Source: Facebook

exist Deathly HallowsDobby uses a chandelier to save Harry and his friends from Bellatrix Lestrange, who has done some of the worst. Harry PotterIn this case, she’s torturing Hermione at Malfoy Manor. Dobby’s rescue strategy suits his character perfectly, as the chaos goblin often uses his magic to wreak havoc in an attempt to keep his Harry Potter safe.

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Therefore, onlookers in this mall can only speculate that the collapsed chandelier has something to do with Dobby. Maybe he’s trying to stop someone from buying the last pair of socks in a big sale?

Dobby almost spoke badly of his family

A meme shows Dobby from Harry Potter headbutting Harry's dressing table with the words written on it "If you're guilty and you know it, keep your head down" Source: imgflip

Unfortunately for Dobby, he can hardly resist the urge to punish himself for disobeying his master. This first appeared in Harry’s bedroom, when he hit himself in the head several times with cabinets and lights.

Of course, this behavior shocked Harry so much that he often had to jump in to prevent Dobby from injuring himself, even after the house-elf was released. This is definitely one of Dobby’s most memorable traits.

Dobby isn’t pretty, but that’s okay

A meme showing a woman next to an image of Dobby with the words "As you move to snap and the snapchat filter is off." Source: Reddit

House-elves weren’t designed to be the most fascinating magical creatures in the world Harry PotterTheir large ears, wrinkled skin, bulging eyes, combined with the crumpled pillowcases they use for clothing, make them the least likely creatures to be considered cutest.

Still, the audience couldn’t help but like them. At the end of the day, it’s Dobby’s sweetness that makes him endearing, not his “drowned” looks.

dobby is real to his fans

this "august peak" memes and words "Dobby is dead...," "Dobby isn't real..."

every death in Deathly Hallows greatly influence the audience. After all these years, many of these characters have become reality for fans, and even knowing they are fictional doesn’t help ease their pain in their final moments.

Of course, this also applies to Dobby, who is still loved by readers and moviegoers despite being cut from much of the film and replaced by Neville. Being reminded that Dobby is actually a fictional character only makes things worse.

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dobby will love alligators

Harry Potter Dobby Crocodile Meme

inside Harry Potter Especially books, and Dobby loves socks. It was the first set of clothes Harry had owned since Harry passed one of his clothes to Riddle in Riddle’s diary. After dobby’s best quote Harry Potter He declares himself the proud owner of the suit, starting a collection, always making sure he never wears two pieces alike.

Sure, “Croc” is a silly pun, but it’s hard to deny that if such shoes existed in the wizarding society of the ’90s, Dobby would love the brand – imagine See how many Jibbitz he will collect!

everyone likes some dobby

Dobby dies in harry potter meme with goiter singer's face edited with harry's face and text "Now you are just some of the Dobbys I used to know." Source: Reddit

Dobby’s death was one of the most emotional moments Deathly Hallows. Even in the movies, Dobby has appeared since he was in secret roomIn the movie, the scene where Harry hugs the goblin body and mourns for his final sacrifice makes the audience cry.

It was a pivotal moment in Dobby’s personality, a moment that perfectly showcased his bravery. Still, the gravity of the situation didn’t stop people online from joking—and Dobby would probably laugh if he knew who Gotti was.

the worst happened

A meme showing a panic face, a calm face, and a panic face again, each with the words (in order) "Bellatrix is ​​torturing Hermione", "Dobby is saving everyone" "Dobby is dead " Source: Imgflip

The scene at Malfoy Manor is one of the most intense in the series. It seems that this time, Harry and his partners have no choice. out of danger. They’ve been captured, the Death Eaters know who they are and Voldemort is on his way.

Of course, just for a while, Dobby shows up and saves the day. It’s been an emotional roller coaster ride, and unfortunately, it doesn’t end well for everyone’s favorite elves. This is one of the most disturbing moments Harry Potter One person will not make it through.

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A meme showing Dobby from Harry Potter with the words "Bet, Dobby is a free elf!" Source: Quick Meme

Dobby is so sweet. He immediately fell in love with Harry Potter and gave him all the kindness he could. In the books, he doesn’t even sleep or eat, just to obey Harry’s orders. mixed racing Prince Go after Malfoy (Harry, of course, tells him it’s unnecessary).

However, while Dobby is nice to Harry and his friends, he is outspoken with anyone he thinks might harm them. While the meme doesn’t quote Pixie directly, it reflects his attitude perfectly.

Dobby is always there to save Harry Potter

Source: Quick Meme

exist secret roomDobby then posed a significant threat to Harry’s life, prompting him to order the elves not to try to help him in the future. It’s a heartwarming moment at the end, and Dobby responds with a shy smile.

Of course, leave it to the people on the Internet to remind Harry Potter Fans of Dobby’s Tragedy Shades. Despite promising never to try to save Harry’s life again, Dobby still shows up at Malfoy Manor and dies from it. In the end, however, this is exactly the ending Dobby wanted, and perfectly embodies the character of the hero elves.

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