A Christmas Story Christmas Cast, Character & Cameo Guide

Peter Billingsley is back in the lead Christmas story actors, full of returning characters and new faces. original Christmas story Released in 1983, it follows Ralphie Parker as he tries to get a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-style airgun from Santa. The film quickly became an iconic Christmas movie, but Warner Bros. Christmas storyThe sequel gives us a glimpse into Ralph’s life as an adult, as he learns how difficult it is to have a perfect Christmas.

this Christmas story Unsurprisingly, the sequel’s cast is a mix of actors we’ve known from the original film, as well as some newcomers. Since it’s been almost 40 years since the original movie, not everyone can come back. The death of Darren McGavin, who played Old Man Ralphie Christmas story‘ The story is remarkable. Meanwhile, Melinda Dillon no longer plays Ralphie’s mother because she has retired from acting. This is a complete breakdown Christmas story Actor and who plays what role.

Peter Billingsley as Ralphie Parker

this Christmas story The cast is led by Peter Billingsley, who returns as Ralphie Parker. The last time we saw Ralph, he was a 9-year-old boy desperate to convince his parents that he should own a rifle. Christmas story marks the sequel to the story as an adult. Ralph is happily married, a father of two, and an aspiring novelist. Christmas story A sequel to 2022. For nearly 40 years playing the role of Ralphie, Peter Billingsley has played leprechaun. He also played William Ginter Riva twice in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thanks to Iron Man And Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Erinn Hayes as Sandy Parker

Erinn Hayes Sandy Parker Christmas Story

Biggest new addition Christmas storyThe actor is Sandy Parker, played by Erin Hayes. Sandy is Ralphie’s beloved wife, and she helps him find a publisher for his book. She is also a big fan of skating and Christmas carols. One of her most famous roles to date is Kevin can wait Like Donna Gable. Erinn Hayes also recently played Keanu Reeves’ wife bill and ted face music exist gold mine.

Julie Hagerty as Mrs. Parker

christmas story granny christmas parker

With Melinda Dillon not returning as Ralphie’s mother, Julie Haggerty joins Christmas story The sequel plays Mrs. Parker. Ralphie’s mother still lives in their childhood home in Indiana, which became a Christmas destination in 1973 after her husband’s death. She let Ralphie take over the baton from his father and make sure this Christmas is the one they will always remember. Audiences can recognize Julie Hagerty, an excellent comedian and actress Plane! or dark monday. She also played Mrs. Claus in Disney Noelleso 2022 play the role again Christmas story The sequel isn’t her first Christmas movie.

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Christmas Story Christmas characters and supporting characters

Christmas Story Christmas Sequel Cast List

  • River Drosche as Mark Parker: Mark, the son of Ralph and Sandy played by River Drosche, who was in the role Orville And rookie front.
  • Juliana Lane as Julie Parker: Julie, the daughter of Ralph and Sandy played by Juliana Lane, appears in prodigal son And Saturday night live.
  • Scott Schwartz as Flick: The Christmas story The cast includes Scott Schwartz returning as Flick, one of Ralphie’s best friends in the original books, whose tongue is frozen into a pillar. He currently owns his father’s old bar in Indiana.
  • RD Robb as Schwartz: Ralphie’s other close friend Schwartz returns in the HBO series Max 2022, with RD Robb reprising the role. After the adventures of the three dogs in the first part, Schwartz continued the adventure in the sequel.
  • Zack Ward as Scut Farkus: The famous bully Scut Farkus is back because so is Zack Ward Christmas story Cast of the 2022 sequel. His days as a bully made him a cop.
  • Yano Anaya as Grover Dill: Yano Anaya makes a surprise appearance as Scut’s sidekick, Grover Dill, in the 2022 sequel. He appears as part of Ralph’s dream sequence.
  • Ian Petrella as Randy Parker: Ralphie’s brother Randy returns Christmas storywhen Ian Petrella returned to play the rich grown-up version of his character.
  • Henry Miller as Larry Novak: his dark stuff Actor Henry Miller plays former high school star Larry Novak in the sequel.
  • Ian Porter as Publisher: Potential Publisher of Ralph’s Books, formerly Saving Private Ryan Actor Ian Potter appeared briefly in the film.
  • Davis Murphy as Delbert Bumpus: The Christmas story The cast includes Davis Murphy as Delbert Bumpus, the child of the Bumpus family who lives next door to the Parkers.
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