One Piece’s 10 Best Openings

After more than 20 years of broadcasting, female The anime has amassed a lot of iconic opening scenes. The anime adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s pirate adventure manga of the same name is full of funny and dramatic moments, and the opening scene reflects that very well. As the show grows, so does its opening.

When the show first started, the OP was much simpler, mainly showing off the characters and fighting skills. As the series went on and the Straw Hats evolved, the prologue changed subtly and often featured their own mini-adventures to showcase the different characters’ personalities. female With the introduction of villains like Kaido and Big Mom, the style changed again, highlighting the battle and the big moment to come. But regardless of their style, some of these OPs are more durable than others.

10 Prologue 15: Let’s Get Started!

“Let’s go!” is the 15th opening scene of the cartoon, taking place after the time jump. It’s off to a happy start, with an energetic song showcasing the Straw Hats’ new designs. It also features a great scene where the Straw Hat is given to Luffy, reminding the audience that he is continuing the legacy of Shanks and Gore D. Roger. If loopholes were only considered in a vacuum, perhaps its simplicity would have prevented it from making this list, but it turns out A piece The reunion of the Straw Hats after a long separation added more emotion to this opening.

9 Prologue 18: Hard days

One Piece Straw Hats Prologue 18

“Hard Knock Days” is the OP for the second half of Dressrosa, and it spends a lot of time directly addressing the events and characters in that season. But it also takes time to show off the straw hats in more casual situations, such as going shopping or listening to Usopp and Brooke sing on the Thousand Suns. These glimpses into the lives of the Straw Hats provide some important details, such as how Usopp prevents Zoro from getting lost, which shows how careful this OP is. Combine this with the iconic shot of the Straw Hats standing in the smoking wreckage of a naval base and it’s easy to make this OP one-of-a-kind. femalehappiest.

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8 Start 22: Going Beyond

One Piece Straw Hats 22

“Over the Top” is the first opening scene to showcase Wano Kuni’s unique animation style, and so it’s a visual treat. It also introduces new designs for all of the straw hats in the series, as Luffy rides Komachiyo. The prologue also hints at Wano’s other main characters, with particular emphasis on Kaido as the final antagonist of the season. Luffy and Kaido also have a great fight in the OP that heralds their fight in the very part. But perhaps the best part of the OP is the scene where Luffy begins to struggle with his chains, showing him fighting for freedom throughout the anime.

7 Prologue 11: Sharing the World

One Piece Straw Hats Prologue 11

“Sharing the World” is the prologue to a section that includes Sabaody, Amazon Lily, and Impel Down, but despite how dark those parts may be, the OP itself is actually quite uplifting. Sure, it still presents a lot of the threats and protagonists in the part it deals with, like Kumar and Supernova, but it doesn’t bog it down. Like many of the other prologues on this list, it sees the crew go through unrelated funny mishaps, including a hilarious prank where Luffy falls overboard only for Brook and Chopper to attempt the rescue. he. Moments like these prove that the friendship between the Straw Hats can bring light to the darkest streets.

6 Start 8: Crazy Rainbow

The Straw Hats in the 8 Prologue

“Crazy rainbow” is femaleThe 8th OP of , takes place in the critically acclaimed Water 7. However, what makes this prologue so good is that it barely deals with the events of that season, instead focusing on showing the Straw Hats hanging out together and doing things like playing games. on the beach and shopping. While in other anime this might be seen as a negative, here it serves as a reminder of how fun the Straw Hats can be. After all, action-packed battles or epic moments are not the focus of the series. Instead, the family was found A piece In straw hat form, OP 8 is the best reminder.

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5 Start 24: Painting

One Piece Straw Hats 24

“paint” is femaleThe newest OP, the easiest to find. It does a great job of highlighting the emotional issues of the season, showing the damage Kaido will do to the people of Wano and the damage he’s done to his own family. It also helps demonstrate the various powerful influences involved, with Luffy representing pirates like the Rocks, Roger and Shanks, fighting the Emperors and World Government. Just like OP 22, its animation style is beautiful, which also makes it a visual feast. Moments like Luffy reaching for his hat underwater or a sword falling from the sky are breathtaking, easily earning this OP a spot on this list.

4 Prologue 13: One Day

One Piece Ace And Luffy Chapter 13

“One Day” is the only OP on this list that doesn’t have the Straw Hats interacting with each other, as they are separated in the Marineford section it covers. Instead, the prologue takes the time to introduce the multitude of characters participating in the Peak Wars. In another series, this performance might be boring, but in female, every character is clearly represented, which is testament to how epic Malinford’s plot is. The OP also highlights Luffy and Ace’s relationship with a short flashback. Thus, Ace’s death at the end of Marineford gives this OP greater emotional weight, making it both epic and tragic.

3 Prologue 4: Bon Voyage

One Piece: Straw Hat Pirates Chapter 4

“Bon Voyage” is another prologue that really has nothing to do with the events of the part it deals with. But it makes up for that by emphasizing how great the whole crew was together. The image of the Straw Hat Pirates hanging over the sea is really interesting at first, and the way they go together afterwards also highlights the maturity of the crew. A piece Straw hat. The fact that they were still able to meet and have fun afterward is a testament to their resilience and shows why the Straw Hats are so great.

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2 Prologue 14: Together

One Piece Straw Hats Prologue 14

“Fighting Together” takes place at an unusual time in the series. Luffy is still grappling with Ace’s death, and the Straw Hats are on the run. The OP has emphasized this point, showing how the Straw Hats are trying to improve during their time apart, which is great. But the real strength of this opening is that it shows how each Straw Hat engages the crew and their impact. A piece Luffy has affected the lives of each of them. It was a tearful moment that showed that even though the crew were apart, they would always be together because of the huge impact they had on each other. It makes OP 14 easily the most emotional part of the show.

1 at the top 1: we are

Gold D Roger in the One Piece Prologue 1

“We Are” is one of the most iconic OPs in both fields female and anime in general. It perfectly captures the joy of adventure femaleThe First Episodes of Celebration. It also highlights the original East Blue crew and their unique fighting techniques. The opening ceremony has become so iconic that female itself has been repurposed many times to show how far it has come A piece The Straw Hats begin their journey, and the thousandth episode even adds new crew members and villains. series, so it is femaleBest OP ever.

Even like femaleThe manga enters the final story line, and the anime shows no signs of stopping, which means there could be more exciting openings to come. It remains to be seen if they can outgrow these old openers. However, if they emulate the strengths of these OPs in the past, they will certainly deliver female Fans get more Straw Hat moments and stunning animations.

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