HATSUNE MIKU: COLORFUL STAGE! MOD APK (Menu, No damage/Auto dance) 2.0.0

Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! MOD APK Information

V1 Mod Menu – No Damage – Easy Mode (Manual) – Auto Dance – Combo Recovery (Don’t Lose Combo) – Option % Note

V2 . menu

  • no pain
  • full set
  • auto dance is always perfect
  • car dance is always great
  • jumping is always good
  • two-note spectrum
  • Never miss

menu V3

  • regime god
  • perfect forever
  • always great
  • always good
  • Autorun

Hatsune Miku Game: Colorful Stage! Published by SEGA CORPORATION, a kind of rhythm music game. It has attracted a large number of players because of the famous virtual singer – Hatsune Miku. A virtual world is opened, where the characters go to find their true feelings. The gameplay is familiar but will never make you feel bored. Bringing players happy, warm moments with many emotional music.

This is a game for Rhythm and Gacha lovers. Requires speed skills and luck. Music is the theme of HATSUNE MIKU: COLORS STAGE! From the plot to the costumes, everything is related to it. Under the cartoon style picture, everything becomes more beautiful and interesting. The meticulousness in appearance, character design and storyline bring many interesting memories for players. The journey begins as long as you want to enjoy this game.

Download HATSUNE MIKU: Colorful Stage! mod – Sound field featuring famous virtual singer Miku

It begins when the player enters the HATSUNE MIKU: COLORS STAGE! The world is called “Sekai”. The song “Untitled” carries with it the legend of opening the door to “the world”. You and protagonist Miki Hatsune become companions. It is necessary to complete races on the music stage to unlock the emotions of each character in the game. Countless colorful performances combined with the singing and dancing talents of virtual singers. Let’s find out the story of Miku’s friends. Enjoy an interesting and engaging storyline.

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How to play HATSUNE MIKU: Colorful Stage! Very familiar and easy to use for players of all ages. This is the genre of rhythm music game in which you need to quickly catch falling musical notes with your hands and eyes. There are up to 5 different levels to satisfy players’ desire to level up. The goal of each play is to get the highest score possible, from C, B, A to S. Flashing effects with every touch, combined with a vibrant live performance. Now you can enjoy Virtual Shows from the comfort of your own home.


virtual singer team

More than 20 characters appear in HATSUNE MIKU: COLORS STAGE! Many familiar icons that you see on social networks like Rin, Len, Kaito… all appear in a virtual world with music. The characters are divided into 5 groups. You can choose a group to start your tour with. Have everyone perform the song to the rhythm. Enjoy the storyline by interacting with Miku and her friends.


music around us

HATSUNE MIKU: COLORS STAGE! contains many popular songs. Including “Tell Your World”, “Happy Synthesizer”, “Charles”, “Melt”… These songs have made the name of famous virtual singers, especially Miku. The lyrics are gentle and melodious but sometimes the voice is full of energy, bold rock personality. Unlock more new songs for you to choose from. The faster the music tempo, the stronger the tempo and the faster the speed. So players should enjoy everything and use all their abilities to conquer this game.

music fashion

The game has 2D anime graphics with familiar colors for all players. The characters are designed very carefully. The most special thing is that you can change clothes and accessories for your band. The virtual show will be more colorful than ever with gorgeous costumes. Dress up the characters you own and get amazing effects at the touch of a button. HATSUNE MIKU: FASHIONAL MUSIC GAME IN THE COLORS STAGE! It will not disappoint you.

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gather your friends

The main genre of this game is Rhythm, where players can demonstrate their mastery through musical buttons. You are not alone on the runway, invite your friends to play with them. First, create a private room, then invite 1-3 friends to form a 4-person group. Choose any song, play the level, hit the start button and compete against each other. Race to see who gets the most points. Special virtual concert begins, enjoy with friends. Enjoy the music and find your true feelings like the characters in the game.


The above is one of the many advantages of the game HATSUNE MIKU: COLORS STAGE! ownership model. A special virtual performance featuring many virtual singers, especially Miku. Explore the plot, each character in the game will find his true feelings. Join now and enjoy the vivid 2D anime images!

Download HATSUNE MIKU: Colorful Stage! MOD APK for Android (Menu, No Damage / Auto Dance)

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