American Pie’s New Movie Plan Is The Wrong Way To Continue The Franchise

‘s plan American cake 5 Hints that the long-awaited sequel will revolutionize what made the original series so successful. Released in 1999, american cake A coming-of-age story about five high school friends who vow to lose their virginity before graduation. american cake It was a box office success upon release and became a cult classic thanks to its quirky moments and engaging dialogue. So it’s no surprise that executives still want to revive the lucrative brand. So far, however, everything that comes after the series’ original films has been translated directly to the best video.

success american cake That led to the entire franchise — including three sequels that featured the main cast and several spin-offs that moved directly to video. In 2012, Universal bought the production rights american cake 5. But so far, the film’s development has been slow. hollywood reporter news American cake 5 Official in the works, will be based on the original pitch of Sujata Day, lack of security. New product details american cake Film is currently thin. However, Universal’s reveal suggests that the long-awaited sequel will be a new installment of the original film, rather than a sequel to the series’ old plot.

American Pie Plan 5

While unconfirmed, Universal’s statement hints at Sujata . Day American cake 5 Will stay Jim as Jason Biggs, Stifler as Seann William Scott and other originals american cake lineup, at least to some extent. This is bad news, because these names are similar to american cake franchise and is responsible for some of the series’ most iconic scenes. Soft reboot of the day with other characters parodying the original meaning American cake 5 It loses its main appeal when it comes to seeing how the actors are older than two decades since the first movie. Without them, the movie might lose what it was american cakeAmerican cake.

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American Pie 5 still needs the original cast

Original cast of American School

this american cake The franchise has tried to tell the stories of different high schoolers before, but failed. Five spin-offs — Band Camp, The Naked Mile, Beta House, love book, And girl rule – Try to make traditional characters, like Stifler’s brother, the center of the movie, with just a few supporting characters american cake The characters return, but none of them capture the appeal of the much-loved original series. Similar hit movies suffered the same fate, such as bad girl And Van Velde Endure the sequels and spin-offs that are less enjoyable.

Thoughts on Sujata . Day American cake 5 may be great, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be set up american cake universe. If Universal Pictures wants to make a coming-of-age comedy, it should do something completely new. The key point of American cake 5 Must be Jim and the original american cake The actor’s story, leaning towards nostalgic elements of the franchise, while continuing to draw from American reunion And show them what life is like in their 40s. In this way, it both preserves the legacy of the franchise and borrows from what made it so successful in the first place.

Jason Biggs wants to return with American Pie 5

Jason Biggs in bed in American Pie.

If Universal really wants to bring american cake The world is back on the big screen, and there’s a good way to start this. No one but Jason Biggs himself said he wanted to come back to this world and do it American cake 5 (overcome hollywood life). This happened after MILF Jennifer Coolidge herself scolded the director and screenwriter american cake During her acceptance speech for the Critics’ Choice Award, she won White LotusBiggs said he couldn’t be happier at her success, as well as that of Eugene Levy, and said he’d love to return to the iconic role.

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“I’ll take the chance. I love working with all of them. We’re a family. It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever had in my life. It’s a role I love more than any other. any other. I’ll join to love it.”

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