Color Hop 3D MOD APK (Unlocked song) 3.3.3

Mixes always make the melody important to the player. Color Hop 3D can be considered an easier version than many other challenging games. Your job is to control the bouncing ball to the right position to create the melody. The challenges are also interesting compared to many other games. If you are not familiar with this type of games, they are associated with many musical songs aimed at training reflex skills. Or relax with unique music.

With just one touch control, you can create the music you want. Color Hop 3D has so many vibrant colors and great music that you won’t be able to take your eyes off it once you’ve played it. If you have a favorite song, try to enjoy it by playing this game. Don’t be too surprised when it helps you feel and enjoy music more fully. Take control of the ball and start fantasy tunes instantly. All it takes is a smartphone to organize a party.

Download Color Hop 3D mod – Create melodies with color and ingenuity

Each level adds its own song to the game. Leaving aside the variety of themes, let’s move on to gameplay. In Color Hop 3D, you control a ball to create a melody. This ball is no ordinary ball because it changes color if it touches a certain color. This is the most important mechanism for you to play this game. When the balls change color, you must skillfully place them in the squares of the same color. It helps if you do this several times so that the ball bounces continuously. At this point, the tune will play the way you use the ball.

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The ribbon appears when passing a certain number of squares. Balls that touch the ribbon will instantly change to that color. Now you have to change the color of the block you are jumping on. For example, the yellow ball will jump into the yellow box. If you jump in the wrong color, the ball will disappear and you lose. The melody of the song will also stop immediately. Then you know what your mission is. This is the completion of the entire work.

Color Hop 3D mod for free

famous song collection

Of course, since it’s a music game, it’s not surprising that there are so many popular songs. Taken from many of the world’s greatest artists. Every genre you can think of. Make sure each level is a great soundtrack for you to fully enjoy. You can or not depends on your ability. When playing, you can get a certain amount to unlock many songs. Each song has many different difficulty levels for you to choose from. The difficulty depends on the number and speed of the stories. While not impossible, it can be quite difficult for you to see it.

Hop 3D Color Mod Apk

Pay attention to the rhythm of the music

Due to the absence of complicated controls, Color Hop 3D focuses on the player’s musical response and perception. Just control one finger to control the ball to move back and forth between blocks. This may be an easy task at first, but if you play long enough, it becomes a lot more difficult. The speed and number of yards will vary considerably. You have to observe the color of the blocks and feel the rhythm that matches each dance step. So it was a beautiful moment to finish the whole song. Music lovers will find it very enjoyable.

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Scenes that change the game

As for the game screen, just repeating the same background screen over and over creates a very monotonous and boring feeling. To eliminate this problem, Color Hop 3D provides you with a variety of wallpapers. It feels like they were created digitally in a variety of colors. Not only is it beautiful, but it can also give you an optical illusion. Make the levels easier to pass. Newly updated songs will have their wallpapers. You don’t need to worry about the monotonous interface and graphics of this game.

Hop 3D color mod apk for free

The fun and addictive nature of the music game persists to this day. Hundreds if not thousands of music games have been released. But actually, to find a prominent name is not easy at all. Fortunately, Color Hop 3D will always be appreciated for its simplicity and fun. Run through the tunes with colorful balls. Create the most famous songs in the world with the Color Hop 3D mod.

Download Color Hop 3D MOD APK (Unlock Songs) for Android

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