10 Movie Characters Who Became Memes

The film has created many unforgettable moments on the big screen that the audience will never forget. They also never forget the protagonist of these moments. It’s also because meme culture has turned some of them into meme icons.

Star Wars is a series that has spawned a ton of memes. But characters from series and indie films have become hallmarks of meme culture. They are also not limited to one style, with both live-action and animated films.

Emperor Palpatine (Star Wars)

Star Wars There are plenty of weird aliens out there, but it’s the human personality that has become one of its biggest memes. The series’ biggest villain, Emperor Palpatine, was a terrifying presence when he first appeared in the ’80s. But the prequel trilogy portrays him as a conspirator, and that changed him. All of his dialogue, even his snobby smile, became a meme.

But because Palpatine is one of the best actors in the prequels, fans especially love him. Lines like “I am the Senate” and Darth Pelagius’ speech have become memes. Some have even become supporters of Palpatine, which is ironic and not ironic at all. His popularity in fandoms may be the reason for his reappearance in the rise of skywalker.


Shrek was lying in a mud bath when Fiona called from home.

Shrek Technically, it starts with a book. But Disney’s popular satire and fairy tales have certainly become the second most iconic version of the character. Second, because Shrek’s version of the meme is definitely not the same character. Of course, the irony of online posts showing strong sexual desire towards Shrek is also different.

Shrek Becomes a meme due to nostalgia for the early 2000s. Tired parts of the film are repeated online, causing ridicule.right Shrek It also became a popular joke, as did the simple abstraction of the characters, mocking surreal scenes, like the one above.

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Johnny (room)

The movie poster for The Room shows the character Johnny squinting at the audience.

by Tommy Verseau Room Always destined to be a great meme. The film is notoriously chaotic, with almost no plot. As the viewer watches, the dialogue becomes disjointed, yet enthralling. To quote, its protagonist, Johnny, who is depicted as squinting in the poster seen above, has always been a favorite.

Johnny, an American banker, is said to be a pretty normal and nice guy. However, Wiseau’s performance of Johnny is filled with weird grammar and breaks, as well as really funny accents. It was natural to include this character in a meme, as Johnny felt at home in other places as well. It’s an odd and beloved character that has spawned many bizarre and beloved memes.

The Incredibles (The Incredibles)

Mr.  Incredible gets extraordinary in a new meme icon.  Like meme.co.io.

by pixar amazing people is a brilliant deconstruction of a superhero story while remaining a great family movie. amazing people An instant classic, a sequel a decade later could never match. That’s in no small part thanks to the likable, down-to-earth energy of Bob Parr (“Mr. Incredible”), one of the film’s most cited characters.

There are many memes that express his “fatherly energy”, such as his line in “Mathematics is math!” next part. But lately, the recent Mister Incredible meme has taken an odd direction. The image above is a more realistic and silhouetted image of Mister Incredible. Internet users love to use this type of meme to compare concepts or as a response to certain events.

Willy Wonka (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

This is the famous pattern for Gene Wilder's Wonka putting his hands on his head.

Using Willy Wonka in the meme is actually pretty old. The meme template puts Gene Wilder in his hand, as pictured, and teases someone in a condescending way. This wouldn’t be possible without the characters’ latent lowering energy. Anyone who has seen the film will agree that Gene Wilder’s performance as the good-natured candy seller is strangely evil.

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It’s part of his conflicting personality that makes him so attractive. This complacent energy is common in the actor’s portrayal because he is often complacent. Unfortunately, this resulted in the character becoming a rather hostile meme. In its heyday, it was not uncommon for Will to use the Impact typeface to make some serious points.

Barry B. Benson (The Bee Movie)

DreamWorks characters seem to have a knack for being memes. Shrek is the first, but his physical opponent is probably Barry from Shrek. bee movie. The movie is really good and Jerry Seinfeld’s acting just makes it better. But whether you love it or hate it, the plot and the characters’ quirky antics made it a hit.

Like Shrek, a lot of memes portray Barry as some sort of sex symbol. Unlike Shrek, bee movie There are plenty of more annoying adult themes and weird meme material, like the screenshot above. Most notably, this character has the human love he stole from her boyfriend. Thinking about some weird moments in movies online has become all too common.

Walter Sobchak (The Big Lebowski)

Big angry lebowski meme

Big Lebowski is a fun and experimental film with characters of many different archetypes. John Goodman’s Walter is perhaps the loudest and boldest of them all. He’s always faked socially and threatened violence. His frenetic attitude makes him the ideal target for the internet’s tough guys.

Both satirical and non-sarcastic memes about Walter loading a gun exist. These memes are often intended to convey the creator’s strong feelings or to mock another group’s strong feelings. An element of parody might be better suited to Walter’s incompetence.

Lightning McQueen (Car)

The shoes designed by Lightning McQueen really capture the essence of his meme.

When it was first released, car This is Pixar’s most underrated film. That’s no longer the case, and it’s not the bomb, but that attitude that has been with the team for a long time. It became the studio’s most popular toy line, further fueling the audience backlash against the brand. On top of that, the main character Lightning McQueen is voiced by Owen Wilson, who is memorable in his own right.

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The combination suits his racing nature, making Lightning quickly one of Pixar’s most satirical characters. He has a goofy catchphrase and quirky designs that can easily be put side by side in memes. Character merchandise, such as the Crocs shoes seen above, have been satirized online and have spawned sarcastic and derogatory online cartoons.

Patrick Bateman (“American Psychology”)

American psychology Filled with unquenchable murderous energy, Patrick Bateman’s lifeless character shines on screen with a brilliant performance by Christian Bale. So many American psychology Quotes have become a buzzword in popular culture. So what’s the surprise that this character has become both an icon and a meme?

This movie is an 80s satire, perhaps destined to be a meme. This decade has received a lot of criticism on social media, so the film’s sentiment matches that. There’s something odd about lifeless characters that makes them resonate. For example, the business card exchange in the image above has been edited multiple times to add pop culture references.

Kronk (The Emperor’s New Rhythm)

Kronk in Disney Emperor's New Rhythm Says Iconic Meme Line "Oh yes, it all came together."

‘Kronk’ is one of the coolest parts of a Disney movie become king. The lovable idiot played by Patrick Warburton is purely a sidekick to the main villain, but he’s popular enough to have his own spin-off. The character has gone through countless memes. A recent pattern is the “oh yeah, it’s all coming together” meme template, pictured above.

But the goofy and weird nature of the character has earned him a number of memes. His squirrel language, his confusion over Cuzco’s poison, his “okay” words, the list goes on and on. While the movie in particular is meme-worthy in its own right, Kronk certainly stands out and has become the “himbo” of internet culture and the poster child for memes that represent good men. but dumb.

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