10 Movies Like Don’t Worry Darling

The highly anticipated psychological drama don’t worry honey It was released globally in September and ranked first at the box office at its premiere. The film tells the story of young couple Jack (Harry Styles) and Alice (Florence Pugh) living in an idyllic 1950s community known as “The Victory Project” . When Alice notices cracks in the foundation of this suburban paradise, she quickly realizes that not everything is as it seems.

don’t worry honey It received polarizing reviews from critics and moviegoers. Regardless of which category moviegoers fall into, these films with similar plots and themes offer more for movie fans, or better options for those who don’t like the charm of Victory Plan.

Truman’s World(1998)

Truman Show Jim Carrey plays the titular Truman Burbank, who lives a seemingly normal life in a small town. What Truman didn’t know, however, was that he had been the star of an experimental television show since birth, surrounded by actors.

Director Olivia Wilde says the critically acclaimed film is a great tribute to don’t worry honeyand actors were encouraged to watch the film before filming (via vanity fair). Both films deal with themes of suburban dystopia and simulated reality, similar to the communities Jack and Alice inhabited under Project Victory in the 1950s. While both films lean toward the idea of ​​social experimentation, Truman exhibit Look at the media, especially reality TV shows, with a critical eye.

Mrs Stepford(1975)

Mrs stepford cast list

Based on a popular novel, mrs stepford Joanna is an ambitious young woman who successfully balances career and family after moving to a small town. Joanna discovers that the women in the neighborhood were formerly more liberal women who gave up their independence to become traditional, hyperfeminine housewives.

Thanks to the 1975 film and its 2004 remake, “The Stepford Wives” became a common phrase in pop culture to describe unrealistic expectations for women’s roles in families. While the sci-fi film was initially met with divisiveness, it is now considered an influential piece of feminist criticism, and its influence can be seen in the traditional roles played by women in the film. Don’t worry honey.

Get Out (2017)

Chris was brainwashed in Get Out

go out It tells the story of Chris, a young black man, who visits the family of his white girlfriend, Rose, for the first time. As Ross’s family and friends loudly proclaimed their opposition to his racism, Chris noticed clues within the house that suggested the family might not be telling the truth.

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Jordan Peele’s directorial debut was a huge success at the box office and at the Academy Awards, earning nominations for Best Picture and Best Actor and winning Best Original Screenplay. While Peele’s background as a comedian is chilling in its own right, it allows him to deliver a scathing satire of the liberal prejudices that allow racism to thrive.Alice’s realization in Act III don’t worry honey reflects the climax go out, As both characters try to escape.

The Matrix(1999)

Neo flies in The Matrix

matrix Series of films directed by Lana Wachowski and Lily Wachowski, Explore fictional realities simulated by machines to drain human resources. Computer hacker Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, leads a resistance movement to overthrow the simulation and liberate humanity.

olivia wilde quotes matrix as a major influence on production don’t worry honey (pass type). This isn’t surprising, as the series has had an incredible impact on the science fiction genre, especially around themes of simulated reality, and in recent years, since Lana and Lily Wachowski came out as trans women, Ideas surrounding gender roles also arise. timematrix When it comes to ideas about gender, people are more open to interpretation; don’t worry honey Use images from the 1950s in the simulation.

Happy Valley(1998)

Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon in Pleasantville

pleasantville Following two teenagers, something like The Truman Show, Found out they were trapped in a TV show. This time the TV show is a sad, inoffensive 1950s sitcom. As the world slowly transitions from black and white to color, the divide between old and new comes to a head.

pleasantville Using the concept of suburbia as a metaphor for the current state of society and the dangers of nostalgia – an idea don’t worry honey Echoing Project Victory’s attempt to recreate mid-century America. In contrast to the public’s fond memories of “simpler times,” the film’s use of color serves as a clever theme for the rapidly changing social and political movements of the 1950s.

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Shutter Island(2010)

Teddy Shutter Island

This Martin Scorsese movie Shutter Island Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Teddy, a soldier turned U.S. Marshal who battles post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in World War II while his wife passed away. Teddy is forced to confront these memories while investigating a mental hospital.

The twists and turns of this psychological thriller provide an incredibly detailed and unique account of the nature of reality and its relationship to morality – similar to Alice’s psychological journey through the mirage of Victory Plan. Scorsese’s stunning artistic efforts in this film cannot all be appreciated in just one viewing, and it remains one of the less appreciated gems in his cinematic history.


Kim Novak

Vertigo It tells the story of retired detective Scottie Anderson, who despite suffering from vertigo returns to investigate the mysterious wife of a close friend. When Scotty witnesses her death, it sets off a chain of events that challenges Scotty’s sanity and reality.

The initial reviews I encountered were mixed. Vertigo It is now considered a classic example of Hitchcock’s masterful style and one of the most influential films of all time. More contemporary reviews praised the film as being ahead of its time, particularly its themes of masculinity and its intersection with psychological control.This effect can be seen in Don’t worry darling, Especially when Jack tries to coerce Alice.

Established (2010)

Great Movie Easter Eggs Inception

Christopher Nolan Inception “Epic” tells the story of a group of professional “dream thieves” who steal vital information from their targets for personal and financial gain. When the opportunity arises to legitimize their activities, the team must implant information into the Avengers’ mind through his dreams.

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Inception Widely considered one of Christopher Nolan’s best films thanks to its stellar cast and sharp script, it creates a compelling story through a plot that’s too complex for a small film.Nolan points out the influence of the following factors matrix In movies, especially the idea of ​​a false reality manipulated by hostile forces, which has been a popular theme in recent psychological thrillers since Inception release.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind(2004)

Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet in

Eternal sunshine of the spotless soul It tells the story of Joel who decides to erase all memories of him after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend Kristen. As their shared memories flash through Joel’s mind, he decides to hide the alternate reality version of Christine in the new memory.

The film is known for Jim Carrey in a less comedic role, but his performance showcases Carrey’s impressive range as an actor.Its non-linear storytelling and unique blend of psychological themes and romance make eternal sunshine A fan favorite.although eternal sunshine Compare Don’t worry darling, Both films deal with constructed realities and the ethics of erasing memories.

Mulholland Drive(2001)

mulholland drive

David Lynch’s film noir mulholland drive It tells the story of an aspiring young actress who meets a woman who lost her memory in a car accident. As the two women’s lives intertwine, two different versions of their lives emerge.

mulholland drive Known for its surrealism and ambiguity, its plots and themes have a unique interpretation for each viewer. The film is now considered one of the greatest films of the 21st century, arguably reinventing and popularizing alternative reality storytelling in modern cinema.For fans of psychological thrillers Don’t worry darling, Lynch’s masterpiece keeps the audience guessing until the very end.

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