10 Quotes That Prove Nate Is The Most Underrated Character On The Office

office With dozens of iconic characters, fans have come to know and love them through nine seasons. Celebrities like Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesley, etc. have become iconic figures for fans who can’t get through to this hilarious fake documentary.

Even as the main actor office While well-deserved praise from fans and critics alike, some of the film’s supporting characters are sometimes cast aside despite the recognition they deserve. One such character is Mark Proksch’s Nate Nickerson, whose hilarious lines in the series’ endings prove just how underrated he is.

hearing problems

“It’s not that I can’t hear it because it’s fake. I can. I just can’t tell the difference between what I hear.”

The eighth season episode “Lotto” includes a storyline in which Darryl is asked to hire a new worker for the warehouse. After Daryl shirks that responsibility, Andy assembles a group of candidates, including Nate Nickerson. During the interview, Nate felt absolutely obligated to give Andy an in-depth analysis of a hearing problem he self-diagnosed.

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This line has become Nate’s signature mark as a character, where everything he says is absolutely true, even when he says it with complete nonsense. The part about Nate’s so-called “hearing loss” quickly becomes a joke throughout the episode, as he can’t seem to distinguish voices in a noisy room.


“You put me in ‘Joker’.” I can’t wait to see what they are. “

Darryl and Nate's Office

episode ten officeIn the eighth season episode titled “Christmas Wishes,” Darryl tries to invite Val, the new warehouse foreman, to an upstairs Christmas party. He is unable to stop nearby Nate from eavesdropping on the invitation, and because he is said to be deaf, he mishears Darryl’s cookie promise and hears something about “clown” instead. secret.

Small, easily overlooked quotes like these are part of success office Such a reliable comfort program. While never really getting the gist of the dialogue, Nate’s enthusiasm for exploring the idea of ​​”cookies” underscores his relentless optimism and poise—in part because he couldn’t hear very well.

family quarrel

“Dwight phoned my house, but he didn’t realize I was moving out because my mom got into an argument with me because I couldn’t leave her things.”

In episode 9 “Junior Salesman”, Nate interviews for a new job at the office. He explains that his mother told him about the vacancy after Dwight phoned her home, where Nate used to live – until his mother got angry, which is understandable.

like many characters office, Nate’s personal life is a complete mystery. Not only did this grown man not move out of his mother’s home until recently, but he also seems to retain some unhealthy habits, including constantly rummaging through his parents’ belongings. .

before and after

“Do we withdraw our resumes or do you keep them? Because I only have one and I have a chili recipe on the back that I really want to keep.”

warehouse office

After being dropped from Dunder Mifflin’s position as a junior salesperson in the episode “The Junior Salesman”, Nate seemed very pleased with the decision. However, he was interested in some sort of chili recipe that he wrote on the back of his resume.

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Nate’s best lines are out of nowhere. Very relevant to this concept was the organization of his important recipes, which of course had to be printed on the back of important documents. Nate’s interest in chili recipes reminded another Dunder Mifflin employee, who loved making chili peppers.

best friend

“I’m glad to be in your life, Darryl.”

Darryl Mitts Nate - Office

Part 8 office Involves a storyline in which Darryl tries to win the favor of Val, the new warehouse foreman. However, in the episode “Special Projects”, he guesses that he gave her a pair of gloves on Valentine’s Day and instead gave them to Nate, who was deeply moved by the gesture. important.

Given his mental handicaps, Nate’s relentless drive makes him a character that fans would love to reboot. officeAlso, his blatant misinterpretation of the gift highlights an already ridiculous situation in the most hilarious way possible.

I’m not here

“‘I’m not here.’ It’s a pretty common phrase. You might want to lock it down.”

Dwight hires Nate - Office

In episode seven “China”, Pam argued with Dwight about working conditions in the building that Dwight currently owns. Nate, who became Dwight’s right-hand man, innocently uttered “I’m not here” to Pam while surreptitiously giving her information.

Some officeThe best moments come when a clearly mentally retarded character completely trusts his feelings, as Nate does in this scene. While his misunderstandings aren’t rooted in pride like Dwight’s or Andy’s, they’re just as hilarious, if not more comical.

a lovely gift

“I love it too, Val. It’s really itchy, but to be fair, my head always itch, so I can’t really hang it on my hat.”

office with camera

In “Special Projects” season eight, Val gave her friends and co-workers a knit hat each for Valentine’s Day. Nate graciously thanked her for the gift, but not before quickly cutting off his constantly itchy head.

Nate is usually the character that audiences should care about. He regularly engages in activities that are certain to kill him (including accidents with wasp nests and baseball bats), and also appears to have some unknown illness that he cannot check.

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Nate talking to the others in the cafe

In episode 8 “Angry Andy”, Ryan attacked his co-workers in the break room for expressing their distaste for his relationship with Kelly. He screams that they are living in a “cookie-cutting world”, making Nate philosophically wonder if they really live in a “cookie-cutting world”.

Nate is known to frequently mishear language on a daily basis, and his misunderstandings only get better when he genuinely cares about whether he lives in a created world. from cookie cutters or not. Exactly what this revelation means for him is unclear, although it seems likely that Nate’s life could actually be changed forever by the idea.

Ravi vs.ryan

“I’ll move on, Brian, I’ve only known you briefly, and I like Ravi more. And, again, I’ve never even met that guy.”

Office - Nate talking to Ryan and Kevin

In “Angry Andy”, Ryan argues with his co-workers whether he or Ravi is a better fit for Kelly. While agreeing with the rest of the office, Nate expressed his opinion that Ravi, whom he had never met, was superior to Ryan in every way.

Nate’s down-to-earth expression makes him one of the officebest role. Not only did he defeat Ryan in an instant without even knowing it, but after more than 2 years of working with him, he also showed his absentmindedness when calling Ryan “Brian”.


“Chewing gum has recently gone bad. Did you notice?”

Nate talking gum in the office

When questioned by Pam and Dwight in the episode “Vandalty”, Nate managed to make small talk with his interrogators, wondering if they’d noticed a very disturbing trend towards the minty taste of the gum. or not.

Nate’s astute observations about the nature of gum products are interesting and not entirely wrong. Plus, he goes on to explain that today some gum is simply “too minty,” which is enough to impress any gum fan. office Smiling on the ground.

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