Idle Stickman Heroes MOD APK (Free upgrade, unlocked Premium) 1.0.27

When the world is in danger, it’s time for the heroes to rescue them. Those who dare to stand up and fight monsters are the strongest and bravest. Aggressive monsters are always defeated by heroes to protect peace for mankind. They are not perfect, but they always have a kind heart. Are you also a peace-loving person and always wanted to be a warrior? So turn into a superhero now with Idle Stickman Heroes.

If you mention the stickman’s name, you will feel familiar. Because now there are many games that use this design. Idle Stickman Heroes also has a classic but very attractive design. An army of stickmen, practice more together. Stand together to protect the world from the threat of monsters. Let’s keep the peace for our dear earth. Using 2D graphics but carefully polished and meticulous to every detail. The picture is indescribable and the sound system is excellent. Promises to bring you extremely eye-catching experiences and unexpected battle phases.

Download Idle Stickman Heroes Mod – Lead mighty stickman warriors

Start playing Idle Stickman Heroes and you will play as the manager of the Stickman Heroes team. Your main task is to lead them against the bloodthirsty monsters. Destroy them all to keep this beautiful world safe. The control system will also be extremely simple without much learning. The battle champion will have an energy bar next to a continuously running needle. You have to align the needle to the strongest part of the red at the right time. The more times you enter the red box, the stronger the character’s attack power will be, and vice versa if you go to the green box. Practice playing so you can lead your team in the battle against these monsters.

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Recruiting Stickman heroes

Is your team too weak against the crowded and aggressive monsters in Idle Stickman Heroes? Don’t worry, because there are plenty of other heroes to defeat. Each hero has its own abilities and powers. You might consider adding them to your team by hiring them. To be able to hire them, you can use the money earned through each level. The more expensive heroes are, the stronger they are and the easier it is to destroy monsters. Level up your team and become stronger with each round so they can go further. The higher the level, the more damage and defense the hero increases.

Idle Stickman Hero Mod Game

skill upgrade

Not only common attacks, stickman heroes also have their own skills. These skills will allow your hero to unleash tremendous power to attack enemies. You can upgrade these skills to become more powerful in the skill tree. Depending on how much money you have and your hero level you can upgrade accordingly. Raise the hero’s combat power from active and passive skills to the highest. Use their skills wisely in battle as it has limits. It takes a while to recover from activation, so don’t bother with it.

Stickman Hero Idle Mod Free

countless monsters

In the difficult and dangerous journey of Idle Stickman Heroes, you will meet countless monsters. Monsters will come in different types and shapes. They will appear randomly along the way and will get more and more crowded. The later, the more monsters, the stronger they become and the harder it is to destroy. Your stickman squad will need to get stronger with each round. Get powerful upgrades that allow them to progress through more difficult levels. Powerful monsters with many nasty attributes can be destroyed. Please remove them to protect the peaceful life of people.

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Idle Stickman hero mod download

Idle Stickman Heroes will have the features that make you most satisfied. Play Idle Stickman Heroes anytime, anywhere as long as you have your phone in hand. There are many heroes for you to release to recruit and upgrade. The game is optimized for high-quality graphics on tablets and large screens. You can connect and play on larger devices without worrying about blur. There will be more than 200 different rich levels for you to experience. Download the Idle Stickman Heroes mod now and become the leader of your stickman hero team. Fight the monsters that protect the world.

Download Idle Stickman Heroes MOD APK for Android (Free Upgrade, Premium Unlocked)

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