1000-Lb Sisters: Why Tammy’s ‘You Don’t Know How It Is’ Line Is Iconic

There were many unforgettable moments during this period 1000 pound sisters, but nothing is more iconic than this quote from Tammy Slaton. From jaw-dropping outbursts to hilarious insults, there’s no shortage of entertainment between Tammy and her sister Amy Holtmann. The two sisters have earned a cult following with their comebacks of humor and wit.

1000 lb sister Follow real-life sisters Tammy and Amy on their weight loss journey. This road has not been smooth, there have been ups and downs, setbacks and failures.partly because 1000 lb sister It’s so fun to watch because throughout this whole thing, for better or for worse, Tammy and Amy are their true selves.

There are tons of hilarious and quotable moments on set. 1000 lb sister, and a lot of it wasn’t meant to be funny. Often, in the heat of an argument between Tammy and Amy, they say something out of frustration that frustrates them. 1000 lb sister Fans were on the floor laughing.In particular, during 1000 lb sister In Season 1, when the sisters get short-tempered, Tammy becomes frustrated as Amy urges her to be more independent and start trying to get up and move around more. This made Tammy furious and she shouted to Amy: “Amy, try being my size.you don’t know how it is“. On TikTok, tictacpaddywac uploaded the iconic clip with the caption: “I think about this clip more than 7 times a day“.

many 1000 pound sisters Fans had the same thought, if not more, about the video. Another TikTok user said: “She’s complaining but still drinking soda and fizzing“. Tammy’s blatant disregard for Amy and her health issues is what makes her accusation so illogical yet so unforgettable. While Tammy may indeed weigh more than Amy, that doesn’t make it any less difficult for her to endure The pain and difficulty. Tammy was very dependent on Amy and many viewers felt that Tammy took Amy for granted because of her entitlement and aggressive attitude. Another TikTok user commented: “I think Amy knows what’s going on“.

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Failure to acknowledge or recognize the feelings of others is the cause of most 1000 pound sisters Fans took issue with Tammy. Instead of taking any responsibility or trying to help herself, she complained and placed the blame on others around her. However, Amy did not tolerate Tammy’s abuse and would tell her sister what was going on. As viewers continue to pursue healthier lifestyles and weight loss goals, they can’t get enough of their playful interactions.

Source: tictacpaddywac/TikTok

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