20 Hilarious Deadpool Memes That Are Too Funny Not To Share

When Deadpool first debuted, he was a minor character that was either an homage to Deathstroke or a blatant rip off, depending on your perspective. Since becoming an absolute sensation, over time Deadpool became one of the most unique characters out there. Famed for his devilish sense of humor and his ability to break the fourth wall, his presence in a comics lets readers know they are bound to be in for craziness.

More popular than ever due to being adapted into a fantastic film that took the world by storm, Deadpool now seems to be everywhere. As a character we could see saying just about anything, Wade’s personality makes him perfect fodder for simple jokes told through an image.

In order for an image to be considered for inclusion on this list, it first and foremost must be a meme. By that we mean it is a single image or a series of them that tell the viewer something simply entertaining. The image needs to feature Deadpool in one way or another. For our purposes, memes that play on characters related to Deadpool, like anyone from his movie, were also in the considered. Finally, we graded the image on how amusing we think it is and placed it on the list accordingly.

This crazy character inspired us to put together a list of twenty hilarious Deadpool memes that are too funny not to share.

20. Lo-Key

Crafting a fantastic cheesy joke can be a real art form. After all, there is a real skill to working out the kind of thing that will make someone else not only groan at the simplicity and ridiculousness, but do so with an amused smile on their face as well.

Of course, this type of joke isn’t going to work for everyone, but when you picture someone like Deadpool delivering the line, the chances of the joke being successful go up exponentially. For instance, when we imagine this jokester delivering this cheesy joke in reference to Thor and Loki we can’t help but laugh. This is especially true because we think this fits Wade’s sense of humor perfectly.

19. So Many Wilsons

At its core, a great meme is going to elicit a reaction in as many of the people that come across it as possible. A great example of one that does just that, this image not only references the film Cast Away which we love, but also made us realize something about the superhero world.

We say that because we never really reflected on how many major characters in comic books have the last name Wilson. A list of one DC character, Deathstroke, and three Marvel ones, Deadpool, Falcon, and The Kingpin, really make us wonder why the originator of the ideas (Marvel) liked that last name so much.

Of course, all of that more intriguing stuff goes out the window once we envision Tom Hank’s character screaming Wilson in reference to The Kingpin and start laughing.

18. Knock Knock

Two characters that have become somewhat intertwined in the comics, Deadpool and Spider-Man both share a love for costumed outings and cracking jokes. The major difference between them is that Deadpool is an insane antihero that is willing to cross just about any line with glee, while Spidey is a lot more conventional.

As such, we can easily imagine Wade referencing the most painful thing that happened to Peter in order to amuse himself at any given moment. A meme that captures just that happening, here we have him using a knock-knock joke to bring up the fact that Uncle Ben has passed in an amusing fashion. On top of that, this is made all the better by the fact that the shot of Peter crying was taken from the scene in which Ben dies in the first Spider-Man film Sam Raimi directed.

17. Origins Texts

A film that is largely disliked for good reason, X-Men Origins: Wolverine had all the potential in the world, but fell short of most fan’s expectations. An image that plays on several of the problems with Deadpool’s portrayal in the movie, here we see a made up text message exchange between Wolverine and him.

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Deadpool references that Logan is supposed to be Hugh Jackman’s last movie as Wolverine, the fact that Will.I.Am appeared in Origins with both of them comes up next. Already pretty hilarious, it then goes to another level when Deadpool brings up the fact that his character had his genes spliced with Cyclops in Origins as well.

Perfect, as we know Wolverine is annoyed by Scott Summers and Wade, picturing his disgust at them coming together makes this genius.

16. Negasonic Evolution

An X-Men character that was introduced to many people in the Deadpool movie was the angsty teen pictured in the middle, who will always be associated with Deadpool now. Known as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, thinking of her ludicrous name reminds us of Wade’s reaction to finding it out.

As such, this meme charts her character progression by using other recent strong female characters making it perfect for this list. Chosen perfectly not only because all three characters have been seen sporting a buzzcut, we could also easily see her personality moving in that direction.

Furthermore, we love the idea of her becoming as awesome as Furiosa. Funny only because it makes all the sense in the world and we never thought of it, all we can say is bravo.

15. Perfect Team-Up

Earlier on this list, we touched on the fact that Deadpool and Spider-Man are now sidekicks in the comics, and for those that don’t know Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are as well. There is some previous knowledge necessary to make this meme work. In both cases, the chemistry between the two couples is what makes them work.

That said, in the first panel of this meme it is clear that Ivy and Spidey couldn’t seem less likely to work together. A fantastic way to underline how perfect the pairing of Deadpool and Harley Quinn would be together, if DC and Marvel work on a crossover anytime soon we’d love to see this take place. If we ever cracked open a real comic book and saw Deadpool carrying a bazooka and Harley each in one arm we would simply be overcome with joy.

14. A Take on Two Deadpools

A movie that was not exactly well-received by Deadpool fans, one of the most appalling things about X-Men Origins: Wolverine was that it seemed like they intentionally messed Wade up.

First appearing in a scene where we got to see Ryan Reynolds play the character to perfection, much as he did in the Deadpool movies, he was missing his trademark outfit. Then he came back later in the film and the “Merc with a Mouth” had his lips sown shut, retractible swords that came out of his hands, eye laser beams, and teleportation.

A total betrayal of the character fans have followed for years, seeing the Wade we’ve come to know and love tear his imitator to shreds with words is simply fantastic.

13. Wolverine’s Longing

A cartoon that was a defining Marvel Comics moment, the animated series X-Men in the nineties introduced a whole generation of people to superheroes.

Largely relying on fans connecting with at least one of the major characters, this cartoon had an ace in the hole with Wolverine who appeared in many of its most memorable moments. For instance, the top frame in this meme is a screenshot from a scene from the FOX series in which Wolverine emotionally longs for Jean Grey.

A kind of silly moment even back then, when the image of Jean is replaced by someone striking a sexy pose while dressed up as Deadpool, it becomes a priceless and hilarious reference in our opinion.

12. Black Panther or Batman

At the time of this writing, the first Black Panther standalone movie is ruling the box office and has helped make T’Challa more relevant than ever since his 1966 debut.

A character that has long been associated with the Avengers in the comic book world, when thoughts of him come to mind fans are likely to think about things like Wakanda and his heroic deeds. Not to mention the costume he has worn a variation of in the comics for years now.

Designed to remind us of actual black panthers, the animal, his suit allows him to blend into the shadows while also scaring those he comes across. Hey, that sounds an awful lot like how we’d describe Batman’s suit. Something Deadpool took note of in this meme, seeing him draw the comparison only to be chased by T’Challa is hilarious.

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11. Batman Ears

Speaking of Batman, he and Deadpool might exist in different comic universes, but in the memes world rules like that no longer apply.

Two characters that are the opposites of one another, depending on the characterization writers give them, Batman can be deadly serious while Wade is only deadly. That alone makes the idea of them interacting pretty awesome to contemplate. On top of that, we’d love to see them as a pair since Batman is used to striking fear in those he comes across and Deadpool is too careless to be scared of much.

As such, we could totally see him sneaking up on Batman in order to cut off his cowl’s ears before taping them to his mask like this. Even better, in our minds, Bruce only noticed his costume had been messed up when he saw part of it on Wade.

10. Raid

These days when a new comic book character is created, writers really try their hardest to imagine original characters that feel interesting. However, when superheroes first rose to prominence in the comic book world, people like Stan Lee looked around and saw a spider on their wall and exclaimed Eureka as a character was born.

Of course, there was a lot more involved than it seems, but with the popularity of Spider-Man and Ant-Man, creators only needed to think of a new insect before calling it a day. Someone that picks up on all of the comic book world’s foibles, we could totally see Deadpool try to do away with Spidey and Ant-Man with a can of Raid.

Thankfully, seeing an image of him doing just that is awfully amusing in its simplicity.

9. I See Deadpool

A movie that took the world by storm when it was first released, there was a time when jokes about seeing dead people were so tired we could barely stand them.

That is no longer the case today, however, as references to The Sixth Sense are no longer crammed down our throats all the time. A fresh take on a reference we know all too well, playing off the fact that Deadpool sounds very similar to dead people is pretty great.

Inserting Wade into the dialogue, it is all done to set up the moment we see Deadpool in the background of an actual image from the movie. Absolutely eliciting a laugh in us, we actually think this is good enough that even when dead people references were popular, we would have enjoyed this one.

8. Many Faces of Deadpool

If you aren’t a reader of comic books and are unaware of how omnipresent Deadpool feels in that world sometimes, let us fill you in. As a funny chameleon, Deadpool displays several charming looks.

Over the last several years there have been loads of variations of him introduced like Dogpool, Kidpool, Lady Deadpool, Wolverinepool, Headpool, and even Venompool. As such, we are all too aware of how versatile Wade is which helped us embrace this meme with open arms.

Largely made up of images of Deadpool made to look like other characters like The Hulk, Wonder Woman and Ryu, we prefer Dapper Deadpool, Manga Deadpool, and Deadpool Deadpool, which makes the patches around his eyes look like complete masks themselves.

7. Lantern Shots

The character we think Ryan Reynolds was born to play, we really hope that the Deadpool sequel doesn’t suck. We feel pretty confident about that, but have to admit we have our worries too, considering Ryan was involved in a highly disappointing comic book movie, Green Lantern.

Thankfully, the fact that he was in such a disappointing movie is mitigated, in a major way, by the fact that it is clear that he is very aware of how bad that film was. After all, ever since he began playing Deadpool he has made a cottage industry out of mocking his previous film.

That is why we enjoy comparing the shots Wade takes at the Green Lantern to the actual bullets that killed Quicksilver in the Joss Whedon film Avengers: Age of Ultron. After all, it makes us laugh and we want that version of the Lantern dead too.

6. Wolverine Impersonation

If you thought we were done bringing up the relationship between Deadpool and Wolverine then you were mistaken as they make for such great meme fodder. On top of that, you really can’t blame the minds that create these images for focusing on the pair considering how fantastic the references to Hugh Jackman in Deadpool were.

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A character whose creation will always connect him to Wolverine, considering the involvement of Department H, Wade often tries to live up to the longstanding X-Men character. An image that shows him trying to do that while also mocking the character he seems to look up to, seeing him shove cutlery in between his fingers to mimic Wolvie’s claws is classic Wade.

5. Misdirect

One of the quickest ways to communicate that a character has a highly immature sense of humor is presenting them laughing after hearing a vulgar word.

As a result of that, this is a trope we’ve seen in a long list of movies and TV shows, for instance, Beavis and Butthead had it as a cornerstone of who they were. As someone with the most infantile taste in humor at times, Deadpool cracking up at someone saying something he can make gross absolutely fits who he is.

At the same time, we also know that Deadpool entertains himself by zigging when you think he’ll zag, so we really dig him finding the hilarity in the second word when Spidey said booby traps here.

4. Zombie Hilarity

A concept that is inherently pretty petrifying, waking up one morning and finding out that the dead have risen and are walking the world is anything but funny.

As something that has become a major fad in the entertainment world for a number of years now, zombies are more talked about today than at any time in the past. As someone who has a love for violence and the darker side of life, it always seemed like Deadpool would have a take on the zombie apocalypse or people would put him in a situation with them.

When he suggests morticians tie dead people’s laces together so they fall instead of walking, we tried our best to hold the laughter in.

3. Martha!

Getting to see Superman and Batman together on film was meant to be a dream come true. Sadly, when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released in 2016 it was met with a great deal of disappointment.

Less than stellar for a number of reasons, one of the worst moments in the movie came when the fight between the two main characters ended because their mothers had the same name. Absolutely stupid as that is nothing more than a coincidence, the idea that Bruce would stop fighting someone he thought was a threat to the planet for such a dumb reason is laughable.

In fact, we love any well-conceived joke about the moment like this meme where Deadpool tries to use the same name, Martha, to stop Iron Man and Captain America from fighting.

2. Infamous Kiss Part Deux

Yet again returning to the relationship between Peter Parker and Wade Wilson, this entry makes things a lot more personal between the two. A character that arguably is better known than any other Marvel Comics character, Spider-Man has been the focus of a long list of animated series over the years.

His most impactful foray outside the comics world absolutely must be the series of movies he has starred in, beginning with the first Tobey Maguire film. A movie that was a massive hit, the moment people spoke about the most at the time was the upside-down kiss Spider-Man shared with Mary Jane. The type of character that would know that, seeing Deadpool taking up Spidey’s role while casting Peter as his Mary Jane is a switch we never knew would be so great.

1. Deadpool Rex

Throughout his list, we’ve seen images of Deadpool that are amusing when put into a certain context or that require us to understand who he is as a character. Then you have an images like this one that made us guffaw with laughter the moment that we came across it.

Inserting Deadpool into one of the best scenes from the movie Jurassic Park, whoever created this has replaced the tyrannosaurus rex with an image of Deadpool. Bent over with his arms bunched up in order to make them look as short as the appendages of the dinosaur makes Wade’s impersonation pretty on the money. Of course, we weren’t concerned about accuracy, so we chose to focus on how funny he looks here while also thinking of scenarios in our mind that would explain why he was positioned like that.

Which meme did you think was the funniest? Let us know in the comments!

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