2021 First Timers Guide: World of Darkness

The Dark World is the third raid in A Realm Reborn in the Pylon Alliance raid series. This is my favorite of the three, but it’s also the most dropped in Duty Finder due to the high damage, debuffs, and some mechanics that cause instant death, even with horizontal sync.

For new players keen to cut their weight, many of the guides you read or view will contain a lot of irrelevant information, with experienced players safely ignoring specific combat tactics or skipping high DPS boss stages.

My goal in writing this series of guides is to provide you with the most relevant information on how content currently plays, as well as tips to help you continue to contribute significantly to the success of raids. For each section, a few notes tell you everything you need to know about playing the encounter as your chosen character. Below these, I’ll add other notes about the battle.

Dungeon Mob – ‘Clean the eye’

– Creates three huge puddles that deal damage over time.


– Pull enemies towards the front of the arena you enter to avoid a massive AoE.

– ready to interrupt ram sound either dragon voice and it resonates.

– After the Garm monster dies, more enemies will spawn around the arena. Take a group of haters and bring them to the center. Two-headed dragons have divisions, so keep them away from the party.


– Stay away from Garms to avoid frostbite ram sound. The Paralysis debuff comes from dragon voice It can be cleaned with Esuna.

damage per second

– interrupt ram sound and dragon voice with the head rubbing. If you are melee, prioritize the stun of any mobs ram sound Sweep with the legs.

Boss Fight – Angra Mainyu

– When looking at the boss death stare Complete the cast to avoid the Doom debuff. Remove the Doom debuff by running through the glowing circles on the arena floor.

– when diplopia When cast, the red and white parts of the ground torment you with different stacking debuffs. The next time you cast it, stand on a different color and receive another debuff.

– when the red or purple strap appears Level 100 Flares either Level 150 DamnationRemove the tie-down loop.

– Destroy Final Hourglass additions that spawn at the edge of the arena. If all goes well, the addition of the second set of hourglasses can usually be ignored if the boss’s health is already low (~15%).

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– Main Tank places the boss in the middle, facing north of the boss. Be sure to look away during death stare Because if you need to move to clear the doom, you can split the party with the boss’s unmarked frontal AoE.

– The secondary tank should be ready to take the position of the main tank when the main tank is down. Keep the boss facing north so you don’t split everyone up.

– After killing the last hourglass, the tank must grab the two Daewa creatures that appear.


– Main tanks take heavy damage from the unmarked line AoE directed at them.

– Check the pool list for Doom debuffs that haven’t been removed so you’re ready to grow players as soon as possible.

damage per second

– Destroy the hourglasses when they appear, then destroy the Daewa additions.

– added by Daewa paralysis can be interrupted by head rubbing, and Look at me Can be stunned with a leg sweep to prevent full damage from the raid.

I’ve uploaded many of the ongoing Dark World runs as people leave after a cleanup or two in Angra Mainyu. This is by far the toughest boss fight you’ll find in Alliance Raids, and it catches new players off guard, especially after Syrcus Tower falls asleep.

Dungeon Thugs – “Clean the Nape”

– Destroy the doors generated on both sides of the arena.


– Interject Scylla or Xande Clone when cast old sparkler either old quaga.

– If the gate is not destroyed, mobs will spawn. Pick them up and group them for AoE damage.


– Keep an eye on the health of the main tank and help destroy doors.

damage per second

– Ranged DPS can hit all three doors on one side with any level of Limit Break. A DPS caster can hit both gates with LB1 or all three gates with LB2.

– Scylla and Xande can be interrupted by Head Graze or Leg Sweep to stop them old sparkler either old quaga actor list

Battle boss – five headed dragon

– Purple tiles are a stacking mechanic, so combine them with other tiles.

– The orange marker is a huge AoE, so run away from the edge of the group.

– Red bindings deal damage and stack debuffs. Pass the leash while standing over another player.

– AoE dragons when they spawn.

– Puddles of ice form, so stay clear of them to avoid freezing and damaging them.


– Main Tank pushes the boss north so the rest of the team has room to move around the arena for mechanics.

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– Secondary tanks can stand in poisoned puddles to absorb damage and prevent mobs from spawning.


– Beware of players with the Fire Tether Fester debuff.

– You can stand in poisoned puddles to prevent mobs from spawning. Heal yourself from poison damage.

– If the fight lasts long enough, heat wave It will apply the Pyretic debuff and damage the player taking the action, so heal through this.

damage per second

– Quickly added Kill Prominence and Poison Slime.

– If a poisonous slime spawns but doesn’t die, silence the entire raid. The Bard can use the Guardian’s Hymn (either preemptively or passively) to dispel one of the healers so they can help restore the team.

Dungeon Mob – ‘Clear Jaws’

– Divide into federative groups A, B and C.

– Atomos will mark a player for consumption. Stay away from that player so you don’t get caught by the AoE cone.

– Move to the center or use Arm’s Length / Surecast to push back from shock wave.

– Step on glowing pads to activate other alliances’ jump pads and send them back to their own platforms.


– Collect the spawned mobs and turn your back on the party.


– If the tank falls off the platform, the player holding the aggro can change, so keep an eye on the health bar.

damage per second

– Atomos will revive multiple times, each time he takes a while to be killed. Damage dealt at 0.1% HP is wasteful, so use your resources sparingly and be sure to spend them on effective damage.

Boss Fight – Cerberus

– Watch out for the front slash from the main tank and the quick cone attack behind the boss, tail strike.

– The first player to tag will drop a gastric juice mob, the second player will drop a puddle of purple slime from which the Wolfbane mob spawns. Place them on the sides behind the boss.

– Enter the belly of the boss, first stand on the stomach juice bonus area to shrink. Then move to the purple slime on the floor and the boss will come up and eat it.

– Most groups have alliance B that deals with the belly mechanic, but there are often new players or people who don’t pay attention, and DPS from other alliances need to jump in and help.

– Once the tummy mechanic is over, both players need to bring the chains from the northernmost corner and attach them to each side of the boss by clicking the shiny “open shackles” interaction.


– The main tank must avoid spinning bosses unpredictably due to front cone attack and rear cone attack. Move the boss away from gastric juice and purple slime additions to give more room for melee DPS.

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– The secondary tank must collect the Wolfbane mobs that spawn and fight the boss.

– If those two things are fixed, another sub tank can go to the belly and control the aggro of the unknown mobs that spawn there.


– Watch out for the main tank; bosses will apply a vulnerability debuff and take more damage.

– Various attacks in this fight will deal bleed damage or weak point debuffs.

– Be prepared to handle the chain mechanic if necessary.

damage per second

– Wolfsbane mobs can be stunned by leg sweeps.

– Ranged players can be set to handle chain mechanics more easily.

This is definitely one of the more complex bosses for new players, so do your best, especially with tanks, and you should ask your team what to focus on if you’re unsure.

Boss Fight – Cloud of Darkness

– If they mark you during pseudoparticle beamRun away as the AoE will come after you.

– Stay away from the middle of the arena when the boss becomes unreachable. When he respawns, he shoots a large AoE line through the center.

– Meteor markers/towers will appear. Each requires one player to avoid damage throughout the raid. You must stand in the center of the mark.

– Kill the cloud additions before they reach the boss. Standing between the cloud and the boss will slow down the movement of the cloud.

– After adding the cloud, move to one of the three cages with the added hyper-charged cloud so you can destroy them.


– Main tanks should have interval defense cooldowns to mitigate boss auto attacks. Avoid standing on the meteor/tower markers to avoid additional damage.

– If the main tank goes down, the secondary tank must be prepared to deal with the aggro. Auto attacks will kill DPS quickly.


– Watch out for the main tank; the boss’s auto attacks deal high and constant damage.

– Added meteor towers that help cover from bosses and kill clouds.

damage per second

– Ranged players need to cover meteor towers away from bosses and added cloud kills.

– Melee players should cover meteor towers near the boss and generally ignore cloud additions unless ranged players don’t kill them fast enough.

You can usually kill the last boss before the last set of meteor towers, but I always recommend that ranged players have them ready to deal with just in case.

I hope your first run goes well, and if something surprises you, you’ll be ready next time!

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