Who are Lil Mabu Parents? Meet Rapper Father Peter DeLuna and Mother Jane DeLuna

Since the rumors of Lil Mabu’s arrest surfaced. A flock of her fans go to the news portals to find out details about it. It is obvious that they are looking for the information because they are quite disturbed and want to know if it is true. However, there are some people who show an interest in his personal life and want to know more about him. Some are looking for information about her parents and others want to know if the news of her arrest is true and, if so, what charges she is facing. Prior to this arrest news, he was in the news after his divorce from his ex-wife Jane.

Lil Mabu is adopted?

Lil Mabu is quite a controversial figure who has always been in the news for his music and for the controversies he himself has created. This time, rumor has it that he is facing murder charges. However, the rumors were declared false and he was not arrested. Well, this is not the only reason that brings him to the news, since there are other rumors that say that he is adopted. In previous articles we shared the details of the arrest rumors and now in this blog we will take a closer look at his personal life.

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These rumors started after he posted a video titled “LIL MABU IS EMOTIONALLY ADOPTED” on his YouTube channel. The New York-born rapper scored his first Billboard Hot 100 hit with “Mathematical Disrespect.” The single was released on May 4, 2023. This single debuted in the US on the tracking week of May 5-11, according to Luminate at number 90. At the time of that week, it had accumulated 7, 2 million official streams. Now many of his fans and netizens want to know the confirmation of the recent video posted by Lil Mabu which raised a lot of questions and people want to know if he is adopted.

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The report claims that this news is correct and that it was adopted. Lil Mabu posted a short video on her YouTube channel. Despite the rapper’s adoption pictures being released, people now want to know about his parents. The rapper’s viral video lasts 18 seconds and shows him hugging his parents. He was born to parents Peter DeLuna and Jane Luna on April 4, 2005. His real name is Matthew Peter DeLuna.

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