4 dogs were left alone with snack trays in the room. Can I resist?

Two huskies, a golden retriever and a golden retriever puppy are put to the challenge with the “Don’t Touch Challenge” and you’ll be amazed at how well they get along with the kids your new walker.

This challenge is called “toddler challenge”, “candy bowl challenge”, and “no touch challenge”.

This time, two huskies, a golden retriever and a golden retriever are taking the test.

Snacking seems to be a challenge for most of us. Kakoa and Sky are Siberian huskies, Sammie is a golden retriever and Summer is the adorable pup in this video. You will be pleasantly surprised by the performance of these dogs.

You’ll have to witness it for yourself to discover the willpower of each adorable kitty, but we guarantee these babies can chase human babies in some cases.

Watch the video below:

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