5 Clues Billie & Conrad Would End Up In A Relationship On The Resident

The article mentions sexual assault.

Although Conrad and Billie until people In Season 6, the pair had a romance long before they realized their feelings. people is a medical television series that ran for six seasons on Fox. The series follows charming doctor Conrad Hawkins as he confronts the harsh realities of the medical field and the vicissitudes of everyday life.

in three seasons people, The series’ protagonist, Conrad Hawkins, has a relationship with nurse practitioner Nicolette “Nic” Nevin. The two eventually got married and had a baby Gigi, but unfortunately, Nic passed away from a traumatic brain injury in the first place. people Part 5. for the rest of time peopleIn Season 1, Conrad was faced with the loss of his wife, and as time went on, he decided to move on because that’s what Nick wanted. In the end, he fell in love with Billie Sutton people However, in season 6, there are many clues to their romance from the previous season, and there are many hints that this pairing will eventually happen.

8 longing glances after Billy lets him continue

exist people In Season 5, Conrad grieves the loss of Nick while dealing with his own conflicting emotions while pondering a potential romance with Marion, a hospital day care worker.period people In season 5, episode 8, Billy tells Conrad that it’s normal and reasonable for him to continue to love each other after Nick (Emily VanCamp)’s death. At the end of the episode, Conrad confirms this to Billie and asks if she’s being honest. After seeing the spark between him and Marion, she agrees and encourages him to do it.

While the scene seems completely platonic to Conrad and Billie, the unspoken words make the moment all the more romantic. When Billy insisted that Conrad should go after Marion, he turned and Billy looked at him longingly. In this moment, the audience sees Billy’s affection for Conrad and her desire to be with him. However, being a good friend and understanding of Conrad, Billy does not impose his feelings on him in this matter. people Instead, the plot helps him deal with his pain and budding romantic feelings. This gives the first signs of a healthy foundation for their relationship, which will eventually grow as the series goes on.

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7 “If you’re going to fight, I want to be your support.”

Matt Czuchry as Conrad Hawkins on mobile in Resident Season 6

A major plot point for Billie people Season 5 introduced her son, Trevor, and the story of her pregnancy. It is revealed that a doctor serving on the state medical board is the same man who raped Billie when she was 13 and got her pregnant with Trevor.exist people Season 5, Episode 14, Billie decides to file an ethics complaint against the doctor and decides to trust Conrad by telling him the situation.

Billie is very reserved when it comes to this topic, refusing to discuss it with anyone but Nic, wanting to keep it a secret from his colleagues. people Chastain Hospital, so there’s no one to support her now. However, when Conrad showed concern and asked her to share, she trusted him and earned his undying loyalty. He encouraged her to speak up and help fight the battle, saying: “If you go to war, I want to be your supportThis quote shows that Conrad loves Billie so much that he is willing to risk his life for her.

6 Conrad made sure Billy wasn’t alone after it all came out

billy and conrad residents

In the same episode, people Season 5, Episode 14 Conrad makes sure Billie isn’t alone when Billie’s secret is finally revealed. Billie filed a complaint and had to speak in front of her colleagues, documenting the doctor’s actions and her subsequent pregnancy. In the final moments of the episode, people The protagonist leaves Billy outside to watch the proceedings and notices Conrad loitering nearby. He immediately asked if she was okay, then wondered if they could meet and talk the next day. Billie agreed, and that moment revealed a new tenderness between them. His concern for her, once again proves his love and shows how much he goes out of his way to make sure she stays well.

5 Billie Confesses Her Love For Conrad To AJ

AJ from permanent residence

in the penultimate episode people In Season 5, Billie talks to AJ as they discuss their fears about relationships and family issues. When AJ confides in Billie about his worries about becoming a father, Billie tells AJ that she hasn’t had a real relationship in a long time, but now realizes that she has a crush on her. feelings for someone on a medical TV show, whom she declined to name. AJ isn’t fooled, she tells Billie Conrad and Gigi it would be lucky to have her, and she wonders if her feelings are as obvious.

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Although Billie and Conrad won’t officially meet until next season peopleBillie’s confession seems to be a turning point in their relationship. Early in the season, she shows signs of being smitten with Conrad, but in this scene, she finally admits it not only to herself but to someone else. She also received confirmation that the relationship worked and that was pretty obvious. This scene is so important to their romance as it opens the door for Billie to act.

4 About the Love Triangle

cade and conrad residents

Conrad is coming back from Nick’s death, people The season 5 finale presented a potential love triangle between Conrad, season 6’s Billie, and the newcomer Cade.Cade stepped in. people Play as a brilliant ER doctor currently working at Chastain Hospital. Conrad, the one-time leader, helps Cade settle into life and some sparks flare up.exist people In the season 5 finale, Billy and Cade are chatting at a bar, both admitting they’re friends with Conrad, but perhaps they want more.

This love triangle means a lot to Conrad and Billie’s relationship because it pushes their relationship into the spotlight. With another romantic couple, Conrad and Billie cannot ignore the tension that exists between them and must make a choice. The love triangle makes Billie more invested in her feelings for Conrad and pushes Conrad to see his feelings clearly and decide who he wants to be with, ultimately Billie.

3 Billie cares about Gigi like herself

Residents Billie Gigi and Conrad

an important part of conrad’s life people The medical drama is about Gigi, his daughter, especially after Nic dies and he becomes a single dad. Conrad did what he could to care for her and lead her in the right direction, and Billie helped with that. Billie tries to be a good person that Gigi respects and helps her in any way she can. But more importantly, Billie also really cares about Gigi. Billie’s affection for Gigi is an optimistic sign of her relationship with Conrad, making their romance more seamless and like a destiny.

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2 Conrad and Billie share romantic dance at Kit and Belle’s wedding

Kit and Bell's wedding resident

exist people Season 6, episode 6 saw Kit and Bell get married, and the happy romantic mood is sure to soar. Billie asked Conrad if he wanted to dance, and he agreed, as Dr. Jack King (by How to get away with murder? Oliver Hampton sang “Can’t Stop Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley. They took to the dance floor, first joking, then laughing. Conrad then thanks Billie for taking care of Gigi and says he appreciates her. The atmosphere at the scene changed from silly to serious, as Billy said, “Nothing. I love you all.

As Billie said, it’s clear what she really means is that she’s romantically in love with Conrad, even though she can’t say it directly. Conrad seems to be aware of her deep feelings, but he also keeps his feelings private. Suddenly, their dance became more intimate as Conrad pulled Billy closer and they danced together, both in awe. The dance, while seemingly small, marks an important moment in their relationship when they both realize how much they care about each other in this moment. people It also means that they are afraid to express their feelings, but it is easy to take their relationship to the next level at this point.

1 everyone can see

conrad and billie residents

The biggest sign that Conrad and Billie are about to fall in love people In fact, everyone can see it coming except for them. Even before Billie confessed her feelings, AJ revealed that the spark between them was palpable. That means their romance is evident and expected throughout the seasons before they actually start a relationship. That fact is a huge hint that Conrad and Billie will end up together, even if they don’t realize it themselves.

In the last few seasons of the beloved hospital drama,The love life of the main character Conrad Hawkins has its ups and downs, but in the end he and Billie still have each other. Billie puts Conrad first and helps her a lot when it comes to Gigi, and on the contrary, Conrad fully supports Billie and goes out of her way to help her. Although their relationship lasted, Conrad and Billie were soon meant to be together, making their eventual romance all the more intense and satisfying.

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