Elden Ring DLC May Ruin Horizon Forbidden West (Again)

liberate, release, free Elden’s ringUpcoming DLC ​​may involve Forbidden Horizon again. Elden’s ringThe first real DLC expansion, titled shadow of the erdo tree, Announced on February 28, 2023, just over a year after the game was first released. Currently only bits and pieces of information about the DLC; Its release date is still uncertain.

Forbidden Horizonsequel of 2017 the horizon does not dawnThere is also DLC in the works. Forbidden Horizon fire coast will take Aloy to the sinking ruins of Los Angeles, where she will battle many new and improved mechanized beasts. Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shore‘ is scheduled for release on April 19, 2023, possibly coinciding with Erdtree’s Elden Ring ShadowsDLC release date is unknown.

The Shadow of Erdtree DLC may be out at the same time as the Burning Shore DLC in Forbidden West of Horizon

if history repeats itself Elden’s ringDLC released in the same month Forbidden Horizon fire coast. Elden’s ringThe global release date of February 25, 2022 is exactly one week away Forbidden Horizonbelong to. Both offer thrilling action RPGs set in a beautiful open world, full of secrets waiting to be revealed. Elden’s ring Named the best-selling book. It’s the much-anticipated collaboration between George RR Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki; and released on multiple consoles and generations.

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Forbidden Horizonalso sold well, but otherwise, it was only released on the PlayStation, which was unfortunately overshadowed by the success of Game of the Year. Online chats are mostly eldon ring, force horizon line Into the dark. Now, both sides are preparing for the release of DLC, Elden’s ring can finally step up horizon lineToes again.

This is not the first time a game like Elden Ring has appeared

Breath of the Wild Link wields a master sword and carries a bow

Elden’s ring steal Forbidden HorizonGetting attention when the two debuted a week apart in 2022, but The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild get in the way horizon line The collection launched in 2017. will be out in three days the horizon does not dawn March 3, 2017 BOTW It offers a similar action-adventure game franchise and a huge open world to explore. Both are exclusive to their respective consoles, but BOTWbelong to Its popularity and critical acclaim make it a selling point for the Switch. Next part BOTW, kingdom tearsalso coming out this spring – though not until May 12th, because Forbidden HorizonDLC.

While both DLCs are confirmed to be in development, Elden’s ringShadow of Erdtree DLC has no release date yet. While it’s not uncommon for game developers to keep an upcoming release a secret, the only publicly available information about Shadows of Erdtree is a concept art only, so the development process development may not be too far away. Shadow of Erdtree could certainly happen in April, but if Elden’s ringDLC is still in early development and may eventually leave Forbidden HorizonThe DLC has a bit of a gap.

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