A brave girl noticed the dog stuck in the hole. What she did was a commendable act

A little girl found a dog in a hole. The girl is only six years old. She can bravely save the dog.

The girl was just walking near the house when she discovered the hole. Out of curiosity, she decided to look into the hole.

The dog felt terrible and had many health problems. He was trapped in a pit surrounded by garbage.

The dog broke a tooth and went blind. The girl quickly went home to call her father and when the father saw this hopeless dog sitting in the pit.

The man pulled the dog out of the hole and called an organization that rescues homeless dogs. The organization provided shelter and rescued stray and abandoned puppies.

The dog was named Bella. The dog was properly fed and treated.

Soon, the dog was adopted by a loving family. He is surrounded by attention and love.

Unfortunately, the dog died and we hope that the dog spent the last years of his life with a caring family. Rest in peace, strong dog.

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