A French adventurer passed away during a stunt. Who was Remi Lucidi?

Remi Lucidi, a 30-year-old French daredevil passed away. It is reported that he fell from a high-rise building. The accident took place last week in Hong Kong. 

On Monday, without identifying Lucidi, the police stated that a man over 30 years of age was found. The man was found in the Mid-Levels region of the city. As per reports, the man fell from a height and passed away.

As per police, it is believed that the man was playing extreme sports before death. Let us bid adieu to the man by knowing him a little better.

Who was Lucidi Remi?

Lucidi Remi was a 30-year-old daredevil. He was popular for his extreme sports. The man was living in the Montpellier region of France. It was in the year 2016 when the man first began scaling high-rise buildings. On his social media handles, Lucidi made use of the name “Remi Enigma”.

If one looks at the man’s social media handles, one would his selfies on multiple tall buildings across the globe. One of these buildings had him with the caption “Above the Sky, 425m”. In this picture, the location was tagged as Dubai. 

The man has also posted pictures from France and Bulgaria. In a video posted on the man’s social media handle, the man scaled the tallest chimney in France without any harness. He also walked around the edge of the building, which was 300 metres high. 

In another post seen a week ago, the beautiful night view of Hong Kong was portrayed. The locations tagged in the post were Times Square and Causeway Bay. The picture was captured from above. 

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The cause of death

The man arrived at the building at approximately 7:30 pm on Thursday. It is believed that the man informed the guard that he was actually visiting a friend on the 40th floor of the building.Lucidi left the lift on the 49th floor and took the stairs to the top of the building. Next, it is believed that the man fell off a tall building in Hong Kong, leading him to lose his life.

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