A jungler feeds a hungry female wolf, two months later, the three wolves thank him

Momma Wolf approaches the woodsman’s cabin while searching for food in a very cold winter. It was clear that the female wolf was exhausted as she did not hesitate to approach the hut because she had nothing to lose.

The jungler Styopa was scared at first, but when he saw that the mother wolf wanted to eat, he gave her some meat to eat.

He knows how hard it is for all animals to find food in the winter in the woods. However, after learning that the jungler decided to feed her, the mother wolf came back again and again.

Either way, some locals worry about it, but Styopa tells them that feeding her is less dangerous than starving her.

Unfortunately, the jungler-animal relationship ended as the weather started to get warmer, which left Styopa very upset after he managed to form a great bond with the wolf.

Finally, the female wolf appeared to visit Styopa again at the end of April, but she was not alone but grabbed her cubs. It looks like the female wolf ate some meat and got something else to feed her cubs. How great!

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