A Look Into Lil Rel Howery And Dannella Lane’s Relationship

Lil Rel Howery has had an eventful love life. The once-married comedian has two children with his ex-wife, as well as a son with his ex-girlfriend, with whom he had to go to court to sort things out. His love life seems to be more stable now. He is focused on a new relationship now that the legal case is over.

Dannelle Lane’s relationship with Lil Rel Howery

According to his Instagram, Howery is currently in a relationship with Dannell Lane. She is a public speaker, mother and owner of a talent management organization that oversees the careers of her four children. We’re not sure when the two started dating, but if their Instagram pictures are any indication, they only recently went public with their romance. On March 9, 2022, Howery, who is quite active and not afraid to share things on Instagram, made his first post about Lane. That day, he posted a message of thanks for his girlfriend and included a photo of Lana with her four children.

“I honestly feel like the luckiest guy in the world right now,” he added, thanking her for being in his life. “I would like to pay tribute to this amazing mother, manager, prayer partner, manifesting master, style trendsetter and girlfriend.”

Her first post was on April 1, 2022, a month later. She wrote how much fun she had with Howery.

“I had the best time with you! We look great together!” she posted along with a video of the two wearing fancy outfits. “And when we’re together, I never have to remind myself that I’m in the present! I’m perfectly fine!”

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Since then, they’ve been making regular appearances on each other’s Instagrams, and their captions have also gotten sweeter and more revealing. On May 13, 2022, Dannella wrote a post with a long caption, describing Howery as “selfless, good, good, honest, caring, protective and a light everywhere [he visited].” She also said what a wonderful parent he is and how glad she is to have him as her “bff” and girlfriend. In July, the couple already started going out together. At his July 6 date announcement, he said, “My lady love every day!!!” Because of his relationship with Dannell, Howery became a father figure to her four children: daughters Dayli and Dajuel, as well as twins Dani and Dannah. They were with her ex-husband, with whom she had been married for almost 15 years.

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Lil Rel Howery’s relationship with his ex-wife and children

On November 24, 2008, Howery married his ex-wife Verina Robinson. During the marriage, the couple had two children. Brittni Howery, their first child, was born on February 2, 2009, and Judah Howery, their second child, was born on January 5, 2010. Robinson filed for divorce in 2015 after six years of marriage, citing “irreconcilable differences” over her paperwork. Their divorce was finalized in 2017, but Robinson filed for additional child support in June 2019. So far, Howery and Robinson have a solid co-parenting relationship.

He commented on how he makes things work with his ex-wife, “The real secret is that it’s about the kids, just like in real life. It’s always about them, not us, but if you can rebuild your friendship, do it with love, respect and support,” in his March 24, 2022 Instagram post.

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Lil Rel Howery

She also has a child with Chicago businessman LeChez Davis. Harlem was born in April 2018 as a result of their brief romance. Davis sued Howery after Harlem was born, alleging that he was a “deadbeat parent” and that a paternity test confirmed he was the father. She was reportedly still legally married, but had divorced her ex-husband at the time of the affair. In retaliation, the comedian sued for full custody of Harlem, alleging that Davis had tried to defraud him by taking advantage of their son. You can now see Harlem in some of his Instagram posts.

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