A man found his dog lying down in heavy rain after its owner died 15 years ago

Maša has been with her master for 15 years. When she died, the dog was found lying under a bench in the rain. The neighbor wanted to help, but she didn’t know how, but rescuer Irina S. came to the scene and checked the situation.

The dog looked very sad and soaked. After eating a little, Maša seemed to be in a hurry to leave. But she got up and only took a few steps before falling down again…

Not only has this dog lost his whole world, but there’s also something wrong with his physicality. They took her to the vet, where they discovered she had a herniated disc in her spine and stones in her bladder and liver.

She has received treatment, but still needs surgery to walk. Most people would give up on such an old dog, but they don’t.

Meet Maša in her new, healthy and smiling life today!

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