A Siberian Husky responds to his mother in a hilarious video. Funny talking huskies will brighten up your day.

If all of you have ever owned or been near a Siberian Husky, you know that they have a lot to say.

They are very expressive with their voices and most do what they want. Blu, a wayward Siberian husky, is no exception, and when scolded for ruining his bed, he immediately howls at his mother.

Blu’s mother went out and left him alone at home. Before leaving, she told him he was a good boy. However, Blu’s definition of the good is different from his mother’s.

He decides that he’s not happy being home alone and takes his frustrations out on his bed.

He showed no remorse or shame about the mess he had caused. In fact, he looked resentful and seemed to be scolding his mother for leaving him alone. He said, “You’ll get this if you leave me alone.”

Watch the video below:

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