A woman in Rhode Island meets a large black bear, an encounter she didn’t expect

As an animal lover, I really care about every living thing. But I imagine I would feel especially comfortable approaching an animal as large as a black bear.

Well, this woman had that feeling recently after being near a big bear in Rhode Island.

According to Globe News, Rhode Animal Services posted close-up photos online of a woman’s encounter with a black bear at Varnum station and revealed the information.

According to police, the woman locked herself in the car, the bear opened the door and she tried to close the door from the inside.

Animal service agents note that ‘black bears can travel at about 30 mph.’ Although the bear is a forest animal, it is still very ‘terrible’.

Take steps to help yourself. Fortunately, Animal Services reports that the female is now healthy. What do you think you would do in this case?

You won’t run into something like this every day, but it’s good to have information on what to do in such cases. The animals are really cool, we can’t tell what he wants. Maybe he wants to play or…

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