Air seals caught by the camera in a touching embrace

Valentine’s Day may be over but the love is still there, and it turns out that it’s not just humans who can deliver moments of pure love, but also wildlife.

The internet is full of touching stories and amusing videos of animals showing love for one another. However, two adorable seals were recently caught on video sharing the sweetest hug!

Βen Burville from the UK is responsible for the underwater shots and this short video is sure to brighten up your day.

The adorable moment was captured off the coast of Northumberland, UK and shows a pair of marine mammals cuddling gently before sharing a kiss. Everyone in the underwater love dance! The short video was initially shared by Ben on Twitter and then went viral.

Βen, a paramedic, is also a wildlife enthusiast and has observed and documented marine life off the coast of Northumberland, where he lives, for more than two decades.

Despite capturing dolphins, jellyfish and other marine life on camera, Ben was too attached to the area’s seal population. He even produced a report on the seal populations of these seas.

You can watch the touching moment here:

However, this is not the first time the seal couple has revealed their love photos in front of the camera. A few years ago, wildlife photographer Wayne Havenhand captured the moment two seals shared an idyllic moment on Horsey Beach in Norfolk, England.

“So sweet,” said Havenhand, also from Northumberland. “The bigger seal, with flippers over the other, is really gentle and gentle. They are just enjoying the moment, in their own little world. It’s great to see.”

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