Alexandra High School Pietermaritzburg, Parents allege racism by principal

In a shocking turn of events, a story emerged that the principal of a high school in Pietermaritzburg allegedly racially profiled some students and also abused their parents. Since it came to light, he has made headlines and shocked the entire community, as the allegations so serious against a high school principal are concerning. This news reportedly came to light when the parents of the boys called on the education department to intervene in the matter and demanded strict measures against the accused principal of a secondary school in Pietermaritzburg. After hearing this news, many questions about the principal and the school began to circle in people’s minds. In this article, we have mentioned everything we know about it. You are only asked to stick to this page and watch it till the end. Swipe down on the screen.

Alexandra Pietermaritzburg High School

Some parents of students studying at a secondary school in Pietermaritzburg have accused the principal of racism. Ignorant people took over the internet and tried to find out the identity of the accused director. However, the name or identity of the accused director cannot be revealed for legal reasons. The competent authorities did not reveal the name of the accused either. But we do have information about the school that the incident is about. Scroll down the page for more details.

According to the parents who accused the principal of racism, the principal of a secondary school in Pietermaritzburg abused them and their children when the parents approached the school principal after students got involved in a fight that occurred between two groups. According to them, after the fight, only the boys were victims and they were suspended from school without following the proper procedures. Continue reading this article for more details.

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This incident is a matter of the Alexandra Secondary School located in Pietermaritzburg. When the parents of the suspended children came together to speak out against inappropriate treatment, the school principal allegedly abused them. The Alexander High School principal took action after being racially motivated. Parents of suspended students tried to speak to the school’s governing body about it, but were unsuccessful. Now they have called the education department to intervene in this case. Meanwhile, the provincial education department condemned any form of racism in schools and launched an investigation.

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