Alien: 10 Breathtaking Pieces Of Concept Art

Nobody anticipated how popular the film that launched it all would become in the late 1970s, despite the fact that now everyone is aware of the inner operations of the alien cosmos. Fortunately, concept art gave them a clear picture of how this cosmos would seem.

mostly by Ron Cobb, Chris Foss, and HR Giger, extraterrestrial Like the movie itself, it is both stunning and terrifying. In addition to having an impact on the movie, these pieces of art also served as inspiration for several other filmmakers, even individuals who didn’t work in the profession. unknown universe.

Engineer Mobius

a long time ago Prometheus Revisiting their purpose, The Engineer is one of the greatest mysteries in cinematic history. Many people left the theater after watching alien You must be wondering what an engineer is. What is their purpose? Why are alien eggs on their ships?

This concept art by famous French cartoonist Jean Giraud, who goes by the pseudonym Moebius, gives a first look at what the character will look like. sand dunes Film with writer Dan O’ Bannon and artist HR Giger.

HR Giger’s space cockpit

Soon after Ridley Scott signed on as director, he was drawn to the work of HR Giger, whose penchant for creating surreal creature art. Giger will soon join the project, bringing his signature style to everything around the aliens.

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Giger’s interior design for Space Jockey perfectly embodies what the eccentric artist has to offer. Giger’s beautiful and spooky artwork for the cockpit was surprisingly faithfully adapted in the final film.

Nostromo by Ron Cobb

Although Giger’s work on alien was phenomenal, and another artist who inspired the look of the film was the late and great Ron Cobb. The artist’s work brings a more human side to life alienMany of his works on The Nostromo are still preserved.

Cobb’s artwork for the Nostromo Bridge feels like it came from Star Wars The film, much better than the final product. Although it looks a bit out of place, it’s a great work of art alien universe.

Space Jockey by HR Giger

If there is an image that upsets fans of both sides alien And alien Outside of the classic alien design, it’s a space racer. Space Jockey’s design feels like it was designed by someone on a completely different planet than the ones around it.

HR Giger is that guy. If things like space rides are something he can think of when he wakes up, it’s scary to imagine what’s in his dreams.

Alternate Nostromo Design by Ron Cobb

Ron Cobb has also done some artwork for planet LV-426, depicting Nostromo landing on the planet. The artwork also gives viewers a glimpse of a very different planetary design, which looks a lot like Planet Dungeon. Aliens 3.

The artwork can see the characters Dallas, Lambert and Kane, all of whom are headed towards their fates. The design of the alternative ship is beautiful, but it can also inspire immature children to giggle, so it would probably be wise for them to go in the direction they did.

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Chris Foss’ Abandoned Ship

Before Space Jockey was finalized, there were many opinions on what it would look like. Although most of his work is for alien Abandoned, the work of artist Chris Foss is still worth mentioning and is certainly a treat to eat.

Foss’ design for future space racers looks like something out of indiana jones Movie, more epic than Giger’s scarier work. While Giger’s work is iconic, it’s Chris Foss’ work that gives fans a glimpse into what the film really is.

Medical Bay by Chris Foss

The glimpse of The Nostromo’s medical bay is one of the few things Chris Foss put it in the film. Health Bay is where the crew trying to remove Facehugger from Executor Kane died.

The Face Hugger is the brainchild of HR Giger, but its surroundings are from a sketch by Chris Foss. Foss actually knows something about facehugger, claiming in an interview that the scene stemmed from O’Bannon having a stomach ache after eating bad fast food.

Ron Cobb’s space racer

Along with Giger and Foss, artist Ron Cobb also contributed to Space Jockey’s alien May look like it. Here, the space racer looks like an ancient temple straight from the work of HP Lovecraft.

Cobb’s take on space racers feels like a myth, almost conan-esque, this makes sense because Cobb will keep trying barbaric conan Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sadly, Cobb’s version of the space racer feels a bit familiar, while Giger’s version is… more alien.

Hug the face of HR Giger

alien facehugger is like something HR Giger made for design. While the results of Facehugger’s attack on Kane give viewers nightmares, Facehugger’s design is even more unsettling.

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The facehugger here still seems to be attached to Kane’s eyebrow helmet. Facehugger’s design was blindly recreated in the final film, and the creature is a staple of the film. alien universe.

Necronom IV by HR Giger

Dan O’Bannon believes that Giger’s Necronom IV, which is exactly as he saw the monster when he wrote it, is a work of art that has served as inspiration for the whole series. alien. Since Alien’s design is so nearly identical to that of the film, it is simple to identify.

Having said that, it is obvious that the design has been changed since the painting closely resembles a penis and seems a little too meaty. While a compromise is necessary, HR Giger’s Necronom IV draws influence from subsequent extraterrestrial evidence.

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