All 7 Actresses Who Have Played Wednesday Addams

the addams family Returning to the silver screen in Tim Burton’s Netflix series, a new actress takes on the iconic role of Wednesday Addams – Every Wednesday the addams . family the actress explained. The original vintage figure was taken from a 1938 veneer New Yorkers an animated series by charles adams but not a sitcom until the 1960s the addams . family will become a staple of popular culture. Since the sitcom, the addams . family has been adapted to the big and small screen many times, and seven actresses have had the opportunity to play Wednesday Addams in these projects.

Wednesday Addams, daughter of Gomez and Morticia, inherited her parents’ passion for killing and torture, which she frequently inflicts on her (usually) younger brother, Pugsley. With its cold tone and dark intelligence — especially in Christina Ricci’s version of the character — Wednesday is usually the addams . family Movies and TV shows.since the addams family The character has been around for nearly 85 years, and Wednesday’s doesn’t just appear in movies and television. She is described as a young man the addams family The Broadway musical, one of the last major iterations of the iconic gothic character before the animated series. Six actresses wed Adams and Tim Burton Wednesday Jenna Ortega joins as the seventh person in the series. So far, it’s actress Adams’ weekly Wednesday.

Lisa Lorraine

first wednesday the addams family The actress is Lisa Loring, who played a 6-year-old girl on the 1960s horror sitcom BILLIONhe addams familyThe original show aired from 1964 to 1966 with 64 episodes, and this version features Wednesdays as Pugsley’s sister instead of the older kid. Loring’s Wednesday Addams seems just as eccentric as her family, but much gentler than her later character adaptations.

Lisa Loring Wednesday Addams still has a passion for the dark side of life as she loves keeping black widows as pets and her favorite doll is the headless Marie Antoinette Special (Marie Antoinette). the addams . family After the show was canceled, actress Lisa Loring went on to play the adult Wednesday Addams in a 1977 television special. Halloween with the new Addams family. This will be Lorraine’s last appearance the addams family project with the original cast, the actress later appeared in crazy blood And freeze.

Cindy Henderson

Wednesday Addams voiced by Cindy Henderson

Next Wednesday the addams . family The actress was Cindy Henderson in the 1972 animated series new scooby doo movieShe voiced the character in the episode “Wednesday Gone.”When Hanna-Barbera gave the addams family After debuting his own animated sitcom in 1973, Henderson redefined his voice role as Wednesday. The cartoon is also notable for featuring Pugsley as the voice of young Jodie Foster. However, the addams . familyThe 1973 series lasted only one season, and Henderson never voiced Wednesday Adams again after that.

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rich christina

Wednesday Addams (Christina Ricci) – The Addams . Family

perhaps the most iconic Wednesday the addams family The actress is a film duo from the 1990s, played by Christina Ricci. the addams . family (1991) was the first live-action film adaptation of the character, and the film’s successful camping style and darker use of Adams’ creepy interests helped make the film more popular. next part. Wednesday, in particular, was cast as a more satirical and darker character.

At 1991 the addams . family The film established Wednesday Adams as a pop culture figure of the ’90s, alongside Christina Ricci’s breakout role. When Ricci reprized the role in 1993 Addams . Family ValuesIt’s clear that her perfect portrayal of the iconic character will be hard to beat in the future. Ritchie continues to appear in Tim Burton’s Wednesday series, but passing the torch from Wednesday Adams to Jenna Ortega, Richie played Miss Thornhill instead of Wednesday.

Debbie Derryberry

Debi Derryberry voiced Addams Wednesday on The Addams Family Show in 1992

after success the addams familyIn the 1991 film, the character was again adapted into an animated series. The series, which spanned two seasons from 1992 to 1993, will star Debi Derryberry next Wednesday the addams family performer. the addams familyThe 1992 animated series is still fairly accurate in terms of characterization, but has slightly new designs, such as Wednesday’s blue dress. The last time Derryberry took on the character of Wednesday Addams was during the finale of the anime season 2. the addams . familyDerryberry continues to voice the main character The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Geniusaliens are in Toy Storyand different sounds i’m despicable movie franchise.

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Nicole Fuji

Nicole Fugere as Wednesday Adams

Again try rebooting the addams family Adapted into a reality TV sitcom from 1998 to 1999, airing on YTV in Canada and Fox Family in the United States. new addams family Running for a season of 65 episodes, Gomez-born actor John Austin joins the series as Grandpa Adams. new addams familyWednesday was played by Nicole Fugere, who played the role in the 1998 TV series addams . family reunion.

addams . family reunion It could almost be considered the lost 90s the addams . family Movie. While it could mentally turn them into a movie trilogy, the 1991 and 1993 films were mostly satirical and dark humor, and did not feature returning actors from the original films. . addams . family reunion Aside from Tim Curry’s performance as Gomez, it wasn’t well received in every way. Fugere only has three acting credits, the last two being her performance in Wednesday Addams.

Chloe Grace Morris

first big budget adaptation the addams . family Since the 1990s, MGM’s CGI animated films have been released in 2019 and 2021. the addams family The film’s fourth is still deadlocked and sick, but sweeter than the characters in the 1990s duo. In both films, the middle school student is the fourth. the addams . family The actress is Chloë Grace Moretz (Chloë Grace Moretz), she is best known for Desperate housewife, 500 days of summerTim Burton darktwo thousand and thirteen Carrie redo and fifth wave.

Jenna Ortega

wednesday adams smile

Addams Wednesday’s Next Big Adaptation Stars Screaming Queen Jenna Ortega in 2022 Netflix Series WednesdayOn Wednesday of next week as a high school student at Nevermore Academy, the tortured, socially awkward, obsessive character helps stop a string of local murders while solving solve a supernatural mystery that affected her family 25 years ago.

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This is the first mass production the addams family Wednesday is portrayed as a teenager, with Tim Burton’s direction sure to highlight gothic and satirical moments. Before starring in Adams Wednesday, Jenna Ortega was known for her role in scream (2022), x, Friend, Nanny: Queen of AssassinsAnd radiation.

how has Wednesday changed addams wednesday

jenna ortega dancing on wednesday

and wednesday the addams . family Actress Jenna Ortega is the longest-running character on the live-action screen to date, but she herself went through a lot of changes for the series on Wednesday. First, Wednesday is ready for the Netflix the original the addams family The TV show, Wednesday is a little girl, and other iterations show the character’s oldest age as middle school age. Wednesdayon the other hand, is set when the character is in high school. Another big change is WednesdayAdams’ daughter is endowed with psychic abilities the addams . family series, the family is just ordinary people interested in horror. Wednesday Bring things to life by giving her vision.

Wednesday A divided world was also created, with supernatural beings on one side and ordinary people on the other. Wednesday Universe, normal people are all too aware of Nevermore Academy’s supernatural beings, which is pretty funny considering how it used to be. the addams . family The repetition completely avoids the supernatural theme. Wednesday The character of Wednesday Adams was also explored further, giving her particularly creative interests, such as writing and playing the cello. Wednesday Also pay more attention to her relationship with others than others the addams . family The show does, highlighting a rather controversial relationship with Morticia Addams and a softer relationship with Pugsley. Jenna Ortega could be the real fourth Adams the addams family for a long time now Wednesday Part 2 is in production.

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