American Idol: Fritz Hager Reveals Best Advice Katy Perry Gave Him

fritz haig, one of the American Idol Season 20’s top 5 finalists reveal wise advice he will always keep in mind from judge Katy Perry. Fritz, a 22-year-old singer from Tyler, Texas, has shown great maturity in the game. At the audition, he sang “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi. Luke Bryan thought Fritz needed to do a little more and voted against his going to Hollywood, but Katie and Lionel Richie voted for him and he won the golden ticket.

When Fritz finished singing in the room American Idol During the audition, Katie pointed out her strengths. She told him the chorus was “Good” he has great potential but she doesn’t “exist” until the chorus. she speaks, “I need you to find out who you are as an artist in the first verse. Lock the interest on the first note. It doesn’t have to be loud, but it has to be interesting. And you have maybe it’s possible to do that, because I think the chorus is really good.” Before Katie voted yes, she said that she thought Fritz was the type of person who would “grind” There are other singers around. She said he would go “Learn to swing, weave, strategize, and sing.” Katie said to Fritz, “I think you Worth a try, that’s for sure. “

in an interview rant . screenFritz shared that all American Idol the judge gave him “Lots of great tips along the way” But as his career continues to evolve, one thing that will always stand out for him is the advice Katie gave him during his first audition. Fritz said that she told him “Audiences need to know I’m an artist from the first words that come out of my mouth. That’s advice I take every Hollywood Week round. It’s advice I’ve taken throughout.. . …so that’s definitely going to stay with me.” Katie’s advice will forever be etched in Fritz’s mind.

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when fritz passed American Idol During the race, he proved he took Katie’s advice to heart. Fritz showed the audience who he is by performing the original songs “Inconsequential Love”, “All My Friends” and “The Ocean”. He’s also sung songs like Oasis’s “Wonderwall” himself, and the audience feels like they’re hearing it for the first time. After Fritz performed “Youngblood” in Five Seconds of Summer for the last time, Luke joked that he had to ask the show to remove the segment he told him about. “ARE NOT” During the American Idol audition, Fritz proved himself to be an artist in the competition. On Katie’s advice, Fritz showed everyone who he was at every performance.

one of the best aspects American Idol Competition is to see the contestants grow from audition to final, especially as they follow the advice of the judges. Fritz was the ideal finalist, as he wanted to learn from the judges to make his already excellent performance even better. Katie’s advice is sure to get Fritz his rightful place in the music industry. Fritz fans now know exactly what kind of artist he is.

this American Idol The finale airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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