Netflix’s The Perfect Find viewers make same complaint about Gabrielle Union drama

Netflix’s new romantic comedy, The Perfect Find, hit the streaming platform over the weekend, and while many viewers praised the film, others complained about one particular aspect.

The film, based on the novel of the same name by Tia Williams, follows the protagonist Jenna, played by Gabrielle Union, who is fired from a high-profile job while going through a messy breakup. As she tries to rebuild her career, things become more complicated when she notices a younger co-worker.

© Photo credit: Alyssa LongchampGabrielle Union as Jenna and Keith Powers as Eric in The Perfect Find

On Twitter, some viewers compared the film to the book, pointing out that the story was a bit “rushed”. One person wrote: “Why are you writing the story in a hurry? You picked the wrong #GabrielleUnion if she’s not available for sequels and makes quick money. Made for hollow characters. At why not make a sequel? Guys, young and old… that’s all the untapped potential #disappointed,” while another added: “I feel like they rushed to do it. this movie but okay anyway #ThePerfectFindNetflix.”

A third person tweeted: “The movie was a bit rushed, too much stuff. They didn’t give their love enough time to develop and I didn’t have enough time to enjoy it. Too many things happening at once. time and too many loose endings. But the choice is perfect”, while another added: “I would definitely love a mini-series about this. But that’s always the case after reading a your favorite book.”

Keith Powers as Eric and Gabrielle Union as Jenna in The Perfect Find© Photo Credit: Alyssa Longchamp Some viewers felt the film was too rushed

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However, other fans really enjoyed the new film and took to Twitter to praise the cast, costumes, and story. One person wrote: “#ThePerfectFindNetflix is ​​one of the best romantic comedies I’ve ever seen. I love it. I wouldn’t change anything especially the music. It’s perfect. “

Gabrielle Union as Jenna in Finding Perfect© Photo Credit: Alyssa Longchamp Fans praise the show’s fashion

Another added: “While someone else tagged Gabrielle Union, writing:” @itsgabrielle #ThePerfectFind that’s great! We learned, we laughed, we fell in love. And the fashion is great! Same goes for your luggage when starting #ThePerfectFindNetflix #Netflix,” while another tweeted: “Loved #ThePerfectFind on Netflix. I love the story, the amazing cast, the crazy music, and all of Gabrielle Union’s costumes in the movie are amazing.”

For those unfamiliar with the new film, the full synopsis reads: “After a nasty public breakup and high-profile layoff, Jenna (Gabrielle Union) returns to New York for a revival. her fashion career.

Erica Green as Terry, Gina Torres as Darcy, Lina Green as Jinx and Keith Powers as Eric in The Perfect Find© Photo credit: Alyssa Longchamp Erica Green as Terry, Gina Torres as Darcy, Lina Green as Jinx and Keith Powers as Eric in The Perfect Find

“Knowing that she will only have one chance to restore her reputation, Jenna swallows her pride and begins working for cunning boss Darcy (Gina Torres). But her attempt is back. It’s complicated as she falls in love with her charming, much younger co-worker Eric (Keith Powers) — who happens to be Darcy’s son.After putting everything first for her career, Jenna must decide whether to risk it all for a secret love affair and find out if she can have a future with Eric despite their generation.

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