An emotional scene. Blind and deaf dog received its owner immediately after 1 year of separation

This story is about an Australian Shepherd named Bitsy and a man named Steve Kristal.

The family loves their dog Bitsy because he is very friendly, loyal and very sweet.

The family’s grandfather was worried about how the blind and deaf dog would live with them. After a while, the dog and the grandfather became inseparable friends.

It was the time of the coronavirus and there were many restrictions. The dog and his grandfather Steve were separated. Family routines change suddenly.

He always wondered if the dog would miss him. The easing of restrictions made it easier for him to reconnect with his beloved dog. They cuddle and play together. They were closely connected with each other.

When the dog sensed her grandfather’s presence, she jumped up and hugged him, showing how much she loved and missed him. The dog is unique and has impressive abilities.

He had been taking care of the dog all this time and even thought that the dog didn’t remember him. Their reunion was touching.

Here is the video:

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