Ana de Armas Is Right: Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Shouldn’t Be Recast

Ana de Armas is a popular choice for newbies Wonderful woman,But ghost The stars wanted to see Gal Gadot continue to play more iconic roles. upcoming movies, speed, which will change the DCEU’s timeline and give certain characters (such as Superman and Batman) a fresh start, while others (such as Amanda Waller) will mostly unchanged from their DCEU incarnations. Unfortunately, the future of Wonder Woman portrayed by Gal Gadot is uncertain at the moment, but Ana de Armas is right in saying that Gadot should continue as Wonder Woman in the new DC Universe.

In her WIRED autocomplete interview ghost Chris Evans co-star Ana de Armas asked if she would take on Wonderful woman She replied, “Well, I think Gal Gadot is doing really well. So, you know, I think she should keep doing it.”

don’t like her Alliance justice Gal Gadot, who co-stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, has never given up (or given up) his superhero role and still wants to continue playing Wonder Woman. Given Gal Gadot’s apparent superhero role in the old DCEU, Ana de Armas, like many viewers, was right to think that Gadot should keep the role, even if her fellow heroes were recast. .

Gal Gadot Should Continue Being DCU’s Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman has had a profound impact on popular culture, Wonderful woman DC’s A-series franchise and offers a humorously accurate depiction of one of DC’s most popular heroes. amazing woman 3 After the cancellation, there was no reason to reprise Wonder Woman herself, as Gal Gadot still wanted to play her, and her iteration of the heroine remains a major icon. Superman and Batman will probably always be replaced later on speedand if DCEU characters like Aquaman and Amanda Waller can coexist with their newer versions, so can Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

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Who could Ana de Armas play in the DC Universe?

Donna Troy in the lead

Ana de Armas was right in saying that Gal Gadot should keep Wonder Woman in the rebooted DC universe, but she can still play multiple roles, both in the DCU and Wonderful woman Franchise.Current, upcoming only Wonderful woman The attributes in the DCU are paradise lost, a prequel set in Themyscira before Diana Prince was born. Wonder Woman herself is uncertain, but Ana de Armas could play Hippolyta or the younger Antiope. One of the roles with the most potential for her, however, is the modern-day DCU character Donna Troy.

Donna Troy has a long and complicated history in various major DC timelines, but in most iterations, she’s Diana Prince’s sister in some form. Given the popularity of Ana de Armas’ potential Wonder Woman role, Donna Troy will give her a similar role, especially as an older and established hero that will probably only Directed a new addition to Teen Titans. There’s a lot of room for Ana de Armas in the new DC Universe, but she’s right when she says Gal Gadot should stay in the DC Universe Wonderful woman Role.

Source: Wired

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