The Bizarre Story Behind Batman’s Rainbow Costume

Batman’s rogues gallery may be full of wacky, chaotic, and colorful characters, but dark Knight means repressed and brooding — a suffering hero who harbors a fear that is smoldering deep within the criminal. He’s the…what’s the problem rainbow batman?

Readers know that Bruce Wayne has a literal cave filled with custom-made bat suits to take down the bad guys, but the idea of ​​Batman wearing this particularly fancy suit first surfaced in the early 1990s. 1957 Detective Comics #241The cover promises the reader that the book is “With Rainbow Batman!It begins with Dick Grayson – in civilian clothes – rescuing a girl who was hit by a car, injuring his hand in the process. A media frenzy ensued, with local news coverage of Graysondon Gotham. Then, without explanation, Batman donned a bright red suit for his next adventure in Dynamic Duos, much to both Robin and Gotham’s confusion. The next day, Batman wears a bright blue suit that crosses the color wheel.

The next time he appeared in a dazzling gold suit, the residents of Gotham City speculated on the reason for the sudden outfit change. Next comes the orange suit, then the green suit. Then there’s an all-white outfit with a literal target painted on the chest (perhaps that’s Frank Miller’s inspiration). In the end, he turns into a rainbow, and his final outfit looks like a pack of fruit-striped gum. Returning to the Batcave and wearing his traditional clothes, Alfred finally found an explanation. Batman explained that he was concerned that Dick’s openly injured arm might attract attention even while wearing the costume, so the Dark Knight created a series of increasingly distracting suits to divert the public’s attention away from Robin. -the famous lawsuit is really mean Distracting and eye-catching.

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But this isn’t the last time fans have seen an incarnation of Rainbow Batman. Decades later, 2008 Trinity #1Superman jokingly reminded Bruce of that challenge, to which Wayne simply replied, “I don’t remember.” Years later, the suit reappeared in cartoon form. Batman: Brave and Bold. This skin has become so durable that it’s been featured in video games and even has a Funko POP! behave.

So that’s why The Caped Crusader decided to add some life to his wardrobe. Although, although he will always be a formidable enemy of the Gotham criminals, that is hard to swallow. rainbow batman Just as serious as when he’s dressed more like Rainbow Brite.

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