Dark Days: Zombie Survival MOD APK (Unlimited money/Increase durability) 2.0.4

Dark Days: Zombie Survival MOD APK Information

  • V1: Unlimited Money
  • V2: Unlimited Money/Increase Durability
  • V3:

An unbreakable tool; you can use skills (such as scrolling) without charging; After starting the game, click the round button in the upper left corner to open the mod menu. The mod menu has the following options:

  1. Unlimited money (once bought for them, they stay in the account forever);
  2. endless energy;
  3. Experience gained is increased.

Dark Days: Zombie Survival tells the heartbreaking story of humanity in danger of extinction. Illnesses are common and become more frequent. It is no longer a safe place for people, people want to hide in places they trust. Players will play the role against the majority. Join the infected and giant monsters. Use weapons to find and kill zombies everywhere. Dark Days: Zombie Survival doesn’t just fight for you, represent humanity to claim your power and status. attack but you should also be careful not to get too close to them.

Trees and streets are being destroyed. No more cars on the road. In the face of danger, the scene of death gradually appeared. No teammates, but you still have to go on missions in Dark Days: Zombie Survival game mode. The enemies may be outnumbered and outnumbered, but you cannot take a step back. Humans, if the earth is controlled by them, nature will be completely destroyed. Zombieland: AFK Survival, Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight are just some of the other fights you might enjoy. Does the modern or classic gameplay excite you in the action genre?

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Download Dark Days: Zombie Survival mod – destroy monsters and eliminate diseases

The epidemic has turned innocent people into zombies, and it is the rest who are the victims. There is no medicine that can cure them, even scientists are helpless. Now, all you can do is kill them with the weapons you have. This is the best way to kill germs and keep them still. Dark Days: Zombie Survival has two options, live or die. Keep enough distance from zombies and monsters. Bullets can kill them, but they can easily destroy guns if you get too close to them. In addition, the player may suffer the same fate as a large number of other victims.

Dark day mod download

Build and upgrade shelters

Continuous combat is not possible. You will also need some time to rest and recharge for the long battle. Find a safe haven and build it for enemies to explore. Dark Days: Zombie Survival allows you to adapt to a new life in your basement or elsewhere. The comfort is no longer what it used to be, but adapted to your goal of completely eliminating monsters and plagues. The disease caused by a flesh-eating bacteria paralyzes the victim’s brain and continues to spread. Don’t let them find you, the last hope to save humanity from tragedy.

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Equipment and weapons

Each character requires some equipment, such as hats, clothes, backpacks, shoes, and weapons, to qualify for extended battles. In the process of attacking enemies, you need to collect more resources to upgrade equipment. Forge new, more powerful weapons, because what you see is not all. Zombie bosses usually appear last and it’s not easy to lose a life from them. Take all your gear with you and overcome the dangers lurking in your life. Life can be ruined, but there is still much that can be used.

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dark day android mod

Dark Days: Zombie Survival features intuitive controls, with movement and attack split into two distinct aspects. Play as a character with very little fighting ability, and you are one of the last hopes. Download Dark Days: Zombie Survival mod to repel epidemics and eliminate enemies to return peace to humanity.

Download Dark Days: Zombie Survival MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Money/Increase Durability)

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