Animal Crossing Player Visits Real Artworks Seen In New Horizons

one Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players are embarking on a journey to visit real-life versions of all the artwork in the game. acetylcholinesterase On display are various works of art provided by the notorious dealer Redd, who sold both genuine and forgeries. ANIMAL CROSSING Villagers will comment on the fake artwork, meaning players need to be vigilant to ensure they don’t get scammed.

from the outside, ANIMAL CROSSING It’s a strange game starring a criminal art dealer, but that’s exactly who Jolly Redd is. Formerly known as “Crazy Red,” this cunning fox regularly comes to the player’s island to sell various pieces of art, which he then delivers to Blathers at the museum. In many cases, this artwork turns out to be a forgery, but originals can also be found among the fakes, including paintings like the Mona Lisa.This means that many players find themselves sharpened when dealing with Redd in order to tell ANIMAL CROSSINGThe difference between real paintings and fake paintings.

one ANIMAL CROSSING However, Fan decided to explore the world of art without involving stolen works and fakes. may play tv Already embarked on a journey to visit real-life versions of all artworks ANIMAL CROSSING: new horizons. It was a huge undertaking as the various paintings and statues can be found in 11 different countries around the world. Despite this, he has been able to visit 15 of the 43 pieces of art in the game.The latest work to be crossed off his list is a mysterious painting actually called island of death Author: Arnold Berklin.The Mysterious Painting is one of the few paintings in Redd’s inventory that doesn’t have a forged counterpart, meaning players don’t have to worry about it being probably one of the hardest paintings ANIMAL CROSSING Fake artwork discovered.

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This international journey is documented in a series of videos on the TikTok channel mayplaystv, the latest in the series being a beautiful statue of the Venus de Milo by Alessandro of Antioch at the Louvre in Paris.Previous entries include famous paintings, also known as Mona Lisa, also seen in the Louvre. Additionally, the next few works will apparently take place in Madrid, suggesting that works like The Warm Painting (Francisco Goya’s Clothed Maja) will appear soon. For players who were unable to see the original in Madrid, Warm Painting is another painting that is free of fakes, so they will be able to appreciate the original in Madrid. ANIMAL CROSSING Don’t worry about being scammed.

Works from new horizons Spread across 11 different countries, visiting them all is no easy task. Nonetheless, MayPlaysTV is clearly committed to the task and currently occupies around a third of this list. Of course, not everyone can travel the world to see these works of art in person.for those ANIMAL CROSSING However, Blathers’ own museum could provide a worthy alternative. Shady dealings aside, there’s no doubt that the art in the game is beautiful.Even fakes can have their own charm and can arouse admiration or interaction from peers. Animal Crossing: New Horizons When villagers are displayed in the player’s own home.

source: May Play TV/Twitter,mayplaystv/TikTok

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