Are you genius and smart enough to find the number 787 in 17 seconds?

Brain teasers are eye tests that often involve hidden elements, such as numbers, words and shapes. The challenge for you is to see the hidden number 787 in 17 seconds.

Start from one corner and slowly move your gaze over the entire picture. Use a grid pattern to be sure of your cover for each part of the image.

To solve the puzzle. In this particular visual test, you have to find the number 787 in 17 seconds.

However, the main goal is to follow a systematic point of view of scanning and very slowly and carefully look for different variations in the image.

With a lot of patience and practice you will improve your ability to see the hidden objects, numbers and words in the puzzle.

Begin scanning the image methodically, starting from one corner and slowly bringing your attention to the entire image.

Look for words, shapes or different variations in the image where the number 787 could be hidden. If you had difficulty or are confused about whether you are right or wrong, the answer is provided.

Share the puzzle with family members and friends. If you liked this optical illusion, try other challenging illusions from our site.

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