Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Zeus In Poster For New Mystery Project

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Zeus in a new mystery project poster due out in February. Schwarzenegger has played more mythical roles throughout his career, most memorably playing Conan the Barbarian in the 1982 classic.

In fact, Schwarzenegger himself was an icon at this point, reaching near-legendary qualities as a movie star. Of course, most films place Schwarzenegger in the world of symbolism to myth— destroyer, full recall, carnivores, True lie and others – it’s over at this point. In recent years, the actor has actually taken on more generic pop culture characters, appearing in random videos, smashing furniture with tanks, or punishing unvaccinated people. , while also making an occasional film on which he relies heavily on himself. Classic Action – Hero character at a glance, sometimes meta.

but it shows up Schwarzenegger Now ready to launch a new project that will finally bring him into the mythical realm in its own right. The actor has just shared a new poster about his portrayal of Zeus on Twitter, and promises a new project coming out in February. Check out the posters in the space below:

In fact, none of Schwarzenegger’s upcoming projects play Zeus. His only movie coming out in 2022 is Kung Fu Rage 2 Where he plays the president. His other upcoming projects include triplesee him repeat twin a role with Danny DeVito, and the legend of conan (he obviously played Conan in it) and the TV show Udap And driver.

In fact, the best hint as to what Schwarzenegger’s Zeus poster is actually teasing comes from the “February” segment, as that month saw the arrival of the biggest Super Bowl on television. image. Of course, with the Super Bowl coming up, there will be Super Bowl commercials, and it’s reasonable to guess that Schwarzenegger’s poster is a teaser of something he’s working on to air during the big game. Super Bowl commercials are certainly nothing new, as everyone from Will Ferrell to Keanu Reeves, Chris Evans, Liam Neeson to Betty White have appeared in the expensive advertising space that tends to overshadow the politics play. The similarity between Schwarzenegger’s Zeus poster and the actual character poster in the movie might actually suggest that he’s not alone on this project, and there may be more to come in the future. the coming days and weeks. The same goes for letting other big stars play mythical characters.

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source: Arnold Schwarzenegger/Twitter

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