Who is Serkan Gündüz THY, where is he from, Age, education, parents, from which party?

Suddenly, people started revealing the details of Serkan Gündüz THY. Many questions are asked about him. Who is Serkan Gündüz THY and who is his father? But why? People on social media were reportedly searching for details about Serkan Gündüz THY after finding a video shared by Omer Koray Ozbay who committed suicide. Yes, you heard right, Omer Koray Ozbay mentioned Serkan Gündüz THY’s name in his farewell message that he left before his death. That is why many people download the Internet and search for Serkan Gündüz THY. We have done extensive research and have tried to answer all the imperative questions related to it. Follow this article for a while and check out the following sections. Swipe down on the screen.

Who is Serkan Gündüz THY?

According to Turkish media agencies, Omer Koray Ozbay, who committed suicide, posted a video and wrote a letter before committing suicide. In the video, Omer said: “Serkan Gündüz THY is to blame for my death.” Ever since Omer’s video surfaced on the internet, it has gone viral and is making noise. The alarm has already gone off. People have carefully watched this incident, they want to know all the news about this case.

Serkan Gündüz Yours

Omer Koray Ozbay allegedly worked for THY-owned Turkish Ground Services. The ground handling company THY has been accused of pressuring and humiliating its employee. In the suicide video and letter, Omer said he couldn’t take the pressure, the credit and the humiliation. Furthermore, he claimed that he committed suicide because of the injustices he suffered there. “Serkan Gündüz THY is responsible for my death.” Now people want to know who he is and what is his net worth. Kindly scroll down the page and know more about him.

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Apparently, Serkan Gündüz THY is the owner of the company where Omer worked. Speaking of his wealth or his net worth, he has yet to reveal that information. In his farewell letter, Omer Koray mentioned several other names he blamed for his death. He said that Serkan Gündüz THY, Burhan Bayhan and Alican Gundiz were responsible for his death. Netizens on social media have spread the video across all platforms. The video can also be easily found on Youtube. There is no news of the police investigation. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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