ASTD Mitsuri: Abilities, How To Get, & How To Upgrade

Here we will give a new update on ASTD as a public search about it on the internet. Everyone likes to know about Loving Pillar’s new addition Mitsuri Kanroji because the public is looking for information about it on the internet. The public likes to know how to achieve it and what its capabilities are. Not only that, everyone is also looking for ways to improve her in the game. So for our readers, we have brought the information here in this article. So keep reading the article to know more.

Latest news from ASTD Mitsuri

As the name suggests, All-Star Tower Defense is a tower defense game, but instead of the usual turrets and weapons, it uses anime characters. The game has a wide variety of characters, including heroes, antagonists, and characters from One Piece and Demon Slayer. The object of the game is to progress as far as possible in the story or climb the ranks of Endless Mode. Loving Pillar, also known as Mitsuri Kanroji, is another demon slayer character that appears in ASTD along with Emotion Demon. She is a six-star ground character who focuses primarily on dealing large amounts of raw damage to opponents.

In addition to adding raw damage, it also offers additional perks and abilities, such as giving rhythm-loving troops a 15% attack boost and having a special team ability called Huntress Aura that can deal outrageous damage with just one hit. You can get the Loving Pillar simply by pulling from the Z banner of the Summon section, just like the other six-star units in the game. It is recommended to open multiples of 10 rather than one at a time when summoning banners, as it has a rarity of less than 1%. 10x Z-Banners now cost approximately 700 Diamonds. So if you want personality, be prepared to spend a lot of money.

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Also, make sure the unit is available in the current banner state, as the game rotates characters every 20 minutes. You won’t regret buying her because of her Blessing (cosmetics) which is cute and fun. Unlike Emotion Demon, Mitsuri possesses simple abilities like most six-star ASTD characters, such as Air Attack (after reaching upgrade level 7), Ground Attack, and AOE Ground Attack. Like all other ASTD characters, Mitsuri Chan can be upgraded. Feed her low grade one or two star fodder units. Her max level is currently 175. She will be able to use her Huntress Aura and deal 1.8 million base damage once she is fully upgraded.

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