Atiq Ahmad Story: ’70s Street Pimp, ’80s Mobster, Political Incitement Changed Atiq Ahmed’s Life

Story of Atiq Ahmad

Atiq Ahmad is an Indian politician, former MP and Samajwadi Party MP. Atiq was elected MLA from Allahabad West seat for 5 consecutive terms which is a record. From 2004 to 2009, Atiq was elected as the Samajwadi Party candidate for the 14th Phulpur Lok Sabha (Lok Sabha home) in Uttar Pradesh.

In this blog you will read about the story of Atiq Ahmad: street liquidator in the 70s, gangster in the 80s, political incitement changed Atiq Ahmed’s life.

Atiq Ahmad Story: ’70s Street Pimp, ’80s Mobster, Political Incitement Changed Atiq Ahmed’s Life

Atiq Ahmad was a street kid in the 70’s and became a gangster in the 80’s. Atiq Ahmad was none other than Bahubali, who once sent the police across the state into a panic. Atik Ahmed’s story begins on the streets of Allahabad.

In 1962, a boy was born as the eldest son of the Tanga family, he was named Atik Ahmed. His brothers and sisters followed him. The family began to grow, and at the same time poverty began to grow.

As Atik grew older, the poverty at home began to affect his mind. He began to dream of becoming rich. The father sent the children to school for their studies. But Atiq’s mind was something else.

Story of Atiq Ahmad

He began to steal from his studies, he began to dream of earning money. Atik needed to get rich as soon as possible. After failing class X, he dropped out and got involved in hooliganism.

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At just 17 years old, Atik Ahmed was also accused of murder, but all of them not only beat him, but made it even worse.

There were frequent reports of the Atik Ahmed Gang’s feud with the Chand Baba Gang. Gradually Chand Baba’s status decreased and Atik Ahmed’s stature increased.

This new gangster from Allahabad did not limit himself to Allahabad alone but wanted to establish his reign of terror in the entire state. In the world of crime, Atiq worked as a big name for about 10 years.

Poor Tanga’s son no longer lacked money. In his youth, many cases such as murder, conspiracy to murder, extortion, fraud, and the Weapons Law were registered in Atiq. Atiq spoke among all the gangsters of that time but about one thing that was still far from Atiq and it was the power of power.

In 1989, Atik Ahmed participated in the first Allahabad elections as the nominated candidate. On the other hand, Chand Baba was also in the election war but he defeated Ahmed.

Story of Atiq AhmadStory of Atiq Ahmad

Now Atik Ahmed has become Netaji. Shortly after the victory, Surrey Bazaar was killed by Chand Baba. The accusations were against Atik Ahmed, but despite all this, Atik Ahmed’s power grew.

He won the first 3 times competing as an independent. In 1996, he was given a ticket by the Samajwadi Party and he became an MP of the Atik Samajwadi Party.

Atik Ahmed Shan was different in white clothes. Ahmed also liked to keep weapons and there came a time when Atik had to fulfill all his hobbies. Every time Atiko’s convoy left, expensive vehicles were part of his convoy. Atik Ahmed who became MLA 4 times had land worth billions of rupees.

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In 2004 Atik Ahmed chose a new path in politics. In 2004, Apna Dal gave Atiq a Phulpur MP ticket and Atiq also won it. Prayagraj’s mob has completed its journey to Parliament. All the dreams that Atik saw sitting in a thong came true, but it is said that if one is trapped in the swamp of crime, it is impossible to get out, and this is what happened to Atik Ahmed here.

Story of Atiq AhmadStory of Atiq Ahmad

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Frequently Asked Questions About Atiq Ahmad’s Story

Q.1 Who is Atiq Ahmad?

Answer Atiq Ahmad is an Indian politician, former MP and Samajwadi Party MP.

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