Austin Butler Addresses Potential Return To Roots In New Zoey 101 Movie

Austin Butler Discusses He’s Ready To Make A Guest Star In An Upcoming Game Zoe101 restart, Zoe 102 After appearing regularly on a Nickelodeon show. Run for four consecutive seasons from 2005 to 2008, Zoe101 Watch Jamie Lynn Spears as Zoey, a freshman at the University of the Pacific Coast. The series follows the daily drama and adventures of Zoey and her friends at the prestigious boarding school and is one of Nickelodeon’s most successful films to date. It was confirmed earlier this year that Zoe101 will receive one Zoe 102slated for release on Paramount+ in late 2023.

one Zoe101As the original star, Butler discussed whether he would continue to play James Garrett in the upcoming series, even if it’s just a cameo.

Talk about typeButler shared that he has yet to hear anything, neither confirm nor deny any comeback plans so keeping it pretty vague. Zoe101The Oscar-nominated actor then went on to share that his main focus now is on capturing stories that impressed him. Check out Butler’s quote below:

I haven’t heard of it. I have no idea. I am grateful for all the stepping stones that I have had throughout my career. Zoey 101 was a huge turning point for me as it was my first time being on a regular series on the show, so I had to be on the whole season. But right now I’m just pursuing whatever story resonates with me, or any director or actor I really want to work with.

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All original stars will return to Zoey 102

s’s story Zoe 102 The film will see the characters reunite at the wedding, with many original actors from Zoe101 Willing to resume their role. Spears will return to play Zoe, while Sean Flynn will reprise the role of Zoe’s love interest, Chase Matthews. Quinn Penski (Eileen Sanders), Michael Barrett (Christopher Massey), Stacey Dilson (Abby Wilde), Logan Reese (Matthew Underwood) and Mark Del Figaro (Jack Salvador) will also return.

some of the most notable absences Zoe101The original cast included Victoria Justice and Alexa Nikolas, who played Zoey’s friends Lola and Nicole respectively. Paul Butcher also won’t be returning for the reboot after playing Dustin, Zoe’s brother in the original series. Butcher even cast a shadow on Tik Tok recently Zoe 102was the subject of much discussion after the reboot, as some questioned the need for a sequel to the hit series.

Butler’s reaction when he got back to him was a bit warm Zoe101 The role comes as no surprise to many after the actor has seen his popularity skyrocket over the past year. After the main role Baz Luhrmann Elvis Presley The actor has quickly become one of the most exciting new faces in Hollywood over the past year, with a starring role in an upcoming movie. Sand Dunes: Part TwoButler could have a busy year. While many will get a delightful sense of nostalgia from Butler’s cameo Zoe 102The reboot will likely continue without the usual installment of its most popular series.

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