Who Was The Real Boston Strangler?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Boston Stranger.

New Hulu strangler in boston The question of who really is the Boston Strangler becomes even more baffling when the film suggests that several people are behind the real-life Boston Stranger murders. strangler in boston The film follows Loretta McLaughlin (Keira Knightly) as she teams up with journalist Jean Cole (Carrie Coon) to unravel the story of the Boston Strangler. McLaughlin, Cole, and the Boston Police Department identified several suspects during the making of the film, roughly 1962-1965.

even in real crime movies strangler in boston In real life, Albert DeSalvo (David Dustermarchian) confessed to 13 murders in the Boston Strangler. But because there was no physical evidence, DeSalvo was never found guilty of murder, even though he served time in prison for other charges. strangler in bostonMcLaughlin wrote an article suggesting that DeSalvo may have killed some of the women while other men killed the rest, making the real crime confusing when it comes to the perpetrators themselves.

Boston Stranger’s true identity in real life is less clear

in spite of strangler in boston Ignoring the killer’s identity, it still wraps up the story relatively neatly. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen in real life, where the mystery of the Boston Strangler is as foreign and ambiguous, as fictional true-crime stories often are. As seen in the film, DeSalvo’s confession is inconsistent and he may have been guided. He also later retracted his confession completely.

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To make matters more confusing, the Boston Stranger’s modus operandi seems to change in the middle of a kill. While some of the first victims were elderly, later victims were suddenly younger. While most of the victims wore socks around their necks, some did not. Similar murders have occurred in other cities and states.

For 50 years, there was no evidence linking a particular killer to any murder. strangler in boston Ultimately, DNA analysis in 2013 finally linked DeSalvo to the Boston Strangler’s final murder, that of Mary Anne Sullivan. Her case is now officially closed and DeSalvo, who was killed in 1973, is believed to be the killer – but 12 cases remain unsolved.

Why The Boston Stranger Movie’s Multiple Identity Theory Might Be True

Boston strangler holding a newspaper

true crime movies strangler in boston The multiple-murder theory put forward, discussed early in the case, may be true. The film suggests that previous murders of single elderly women may have been committed by a man who killed older women, and that DeSalvo may have been a copycat killer targeting younger women. The other murders in the Boston Strangler may have been carried out by Daniel Marsh, one of DeSalvo’s cellmates, who is said to have guided his plea. Ex-boyfriends, family members, bosses, or strangers may have committed bizarre murders, only to find out that copying the Boston Stranger would cover their tracks better.

So the Hulu original film explains the inconsistencies in DeSalvo’s story, the killer’s seemingly changing modes of operation, and the fact that in some murders, multiple suspects are in prison. . This theory is based on the fact that many know-it-all killers that most of their victims wear around their necks, so they can copy the business card. Ironically, this detail might not have come to light without McLaughlin’s paper. The real killer or the killer’s identity may never be known, but strangler in boston The film’s final premise seems to be the most important.

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